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2010Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) gene: no major impact on antidepressant treatment responseDomschke, K.; Lawford, B.; Laje, G.; Berger, K.; Young, R.; Morris, P.; Deckert, J.; Arolt, V.; McMahon, F.; Baune, B.
2008Association of the COMT val158met Variant with Antidepressant Treatment Response in Major DepressionBaune, B.; Hohoff, C.; Berger, K.; Neumann, A.; Mortensen, S.; Roehrs, T.; Deckert, J.; Arolt, V.; Domschke, K.
2012Brain-derived neurotrophic factor gene polymorphisms, neurotransmitter levels, and depressive symptoms in an elderly populationCzira, M.; Wersching, H.; Baune, B.; Berger, K.
2008Association between genetic variants of IL-1β, IL-6 and TNF-α cytokines and cognitive performance in the elderly general population of the MEMO-studyBaune, B.; Ponath, G.; Rothermundt, M.; Riess, O.; Funke, H.; Berger, K.
2009The Effects of Dysthymic Disorder on Health-Related Quality of Life and Disability Days in Persons with Comorbid Medical Conditions in the General PopulationBaune, B.; Caniato, R.; Arolt, V.; Berger, K.
2012The relationship between subtypes of depression and cardiovascular disease: A systematic review of biological modelsBaune, B.; Stuart, M.; Gilmour, A.; Wersching, H.; Heindel, W.; Arolt, V.; Berger, K.
2012Moderators of the relationship between depression and cardiovascular disorders: A systematic reviewBaune, B.; Stuart, M.; Gilmour, A.; Wersching, H.; Arolt, V.; Berger, K.
2008Combined effects of major depression, pain and somatic disorders on general functioning in the general populationBaune, B.; Caniato, R.; Garcia-Alcaraz, M.; Berger, K.
2011Effect of resistance training during hemodialysis on circulating cytokines: a randomized controlled trialCheema, B.; Abas, H.; Smith, B.; O'Sullivan, A.; Chan, M.; Patwardhan, A.; Kelly, J.; Gillin, A.; Pang, G.; Lloyd, B.; Berger, K.; Baune, B.; Fiatarone-Singh, M.
2009Association between cytokines and cerebral MRI changes in the aging brainBaune, B.; Ponath, G.; Rothermundt, M.; Roesler, A.; Berger, K.