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2005Abnormal frontal and parietal activity during working memory updating in post-traumatic stress disorderWeber, D.; Clark, C.; McFarlane, A.; Moores, K.; Morris, P.; Egan, G.
2009Working memory function in post-traumatic stress disorder: An event-related potential studyVeltmeyer, M.; Clark, C.; McFarlane, A.; Moores, K.; Bryant, R.; Gordon, E.
2010Switching between executive and default mode networks in posttraumatic stress disorder: alterations in functional connectivityDaniels, J.; McFarlane, A.; Bluhm, R.; Moores, K.; Clark, C.; Shaw, M.; Williamson, P.; Densmore, M.; Lanius, R.
2009Functional connectivity reveals inefficient working memory systems in post-traumatic stress disorderShaw, M.; Moores, K.; Clark, C.; McFarlane, A.; Strother, S.; Bryant, R.; Brown, G.; Taylor, J.
2009Fronto-temporal alterations within the first 200 ms during an attentional task distinguish major depression, non-clinical participants with depressed mood and healthy controls: a potential biomarker?Kemp, A.; Hopkinson, P.; Hermens, D.; Rowe, D.; Sumich, A.; Clark, C.; Drinkenberg, W.; Abdi, N.; Penrose, R.; McFarlane, A.; Boyce, P.; Gordon, E.; Williams, L.
2008Abnormal recruitment of working memory updating networks during maintenance of trauma-neutral information in post-traumatic stress disorderMoores, K.; Clark, C.; McFarlane, A.; Brown, G.; Puce, A.; Taylor, D.
2009Post-traumatic amnesia and the nature of post-traumatic stress disorder after mild traumatic brain injuryBryant, R.; Creamer, M.; O'Donnell, M.; Silove, D.; Clark, C.; McFarlane, A.
2009Event-related potentials to auditory stimuli in monozygotic twins discordant for combat: Association with PTSDMetzger, L.; Clark, C.; McFarlane, A.; Veltmeyer, M.; Lasko, M.; Paige, S.; Pitman, R.; Orr, S.
2008Resting electroencephalogram asymmetry and posttraumatic stress disorderShankman, S.; Silverstein, S.; Williams, L.; Hopkinson, P.; Kemp, A.; Felmingham, K.; Bryant, R.; McFarlane, A.; Clark, C.
2010Impact of depression heterogeneity on attention: an auditory oddball event related potential studyKemp, A.; Benito, L.; Quintana, D.; Clark, C.; McFarlane, A.; Mayur, P.; Harris, A.; Boyce, P.; Williams, L.