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2016In vivo microdialysis to determine subcutaneous interstitial fluid penetration and pharmacokinetics of fluconazole in intensive care unit patients with sepsisSinnollareddy, M.; Roberts, M.; Lipman, J.; Lassig-Smith, M.; Starr, T.; Robertson, T.; Peake, S.; Roberts, J.
2015Preanesthetic nurse communication with children and parents - an observational studyPerry, C.; Samuelsson, C.; Cyna, A.
2007Acute upper airway obstruction from acquired angioedemaCheng, W.; Smith, W.; Russell, W.
2015The timing of discharge from the Intensive Care Unit and subsequent mortality: a prospective, multicenter studySantamaria, J.; Duke, G.; Pilcher, D.; Cooper, D.; Moran, J.; Bellomo, R.
2016Critical illness is associated with impaired gallbladder emptying as assessed by 3D ultrasoundPlummer, M.; Kar, P.; Cousins, C.; Hausken, T.; Lange, K.; Chapman, M.; Jones, K.; Horowitz, M.; Deane, A.
1998Quantity and structure of surfactant proteins vary among patients with alveolar proteinosisDoyle, Ian R.; Davidson, K. G.; Barr, Heather A.; Nicholas, Terence E.; Payne, K.; Pfitzner, John
1999Gas movement in the nonventilated lung at the onset of single-lung ventilation for video-assisted thoracoscopyPfitzner, John; Peacock, Morris J.; McAleer, P. T.
1999Ambient pressure oxygen reservoir apparatus for use during one-lung anaesthesiaPfitzner, John; Peacock, Morris J.; Daniels, B. W.
1995Draft SPUMS policy on certification of diver fitnessVeale, A. G.; Gorman, D. F.; Richardson, D.
1995SPUMS policy on asthma and divingGorman, D. F.; Veale, A. G.