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2006Blood-brain distribution of morphine-6-glucuronide in sheepVillesen, H.; Foster, D.; Upton, R.; Christrup, L.; Somogyi, A.; Martinez, A.; Grant, C.
2006Cerebral kinetics of oxycodone in conscious sheepVillesen, H.; Foster, D.; Upton, R.; Somogyi, A.; Martinez, A.; Grant, C.
2005The acute disposition of (R)- and (S)-methadone in brain and lung of sheepFoster, D.; Upton, R.; Somogyi, A.; Grant, C.; Martinez, A.
1998The effect of rate of administration on brain concentrations of propofol in sheepLudbrook, G.; Upton, R.; Grant, C.; Martinez, A.
2006The effects of indomethacin on intracranial pressure and cerebral hemodynamics during isoflurane or propofol anesthesia in sheep with intracranial hypertensionRasmussen, M.; Upton, R.; Grant, C.; Martinez, A.; Cold, G.; Ludbrook, G.
2003Cerebral and lung kinetics of morphine in conscious sheep after short intravenous infusionsUpton, R.; Ludbrook, G.; Martinez, A.; Grant, C.; Milne, R.
2013The relationship between patient data and pooled clinical management decisionsLudbrook, G.; O'Loughlin, E.; Grant, C.; Corcoran, T.
2012An analysis of computer-assisted pre-screening prior to elective surgeryGrant, C.; Ludbrook, G.; O'Loughlin, E.; Corcoran, T.
1997The Cerebral Pharmacokinetics of Meperidine and Alfentanil in Conscious SheepUpton, R.; Ludbrook, G.; Gray, E.; Grant, C.
1998The influence of the bolus injection rate of propofol on its cardiovascular effects and peak blood concentrations in sheepZheng, D.; Upton, R.; Martinez, A.; Grant, C.; Ludbrook, G.