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2005Crisis management during regional anaesthesiaFox, M.; Morris, R.; Runciman, W.; Paix, A.
2005Crisis management during anaesthesia: cardiac arrestRunciman, W.; Morris, R.; Watterson, L.; Williamson, J.; Paix, A.
2005Crisis management during anaesthesia: the development of an anaesthetic crisis management manualRunciman, W.; Kluger, M.; Morris, R.; Paix, A.; Watterson, L.; Webb, R.
2005Crisis management during anaesthesia: pulmonary oedemaChapman, M.; Myburgh, J.; Kluger, M.; Runciman, W.
2005Violence in health care: the contribution of the Australian Patient Safety Foundation to incident monitoring and analysisBenveniste, K.; Hibbert, P.; Runciman, W.
2005Crisis management during anaesthesia: recovering from a crisisBacon, A.; Morris, R.; Runciman, W.; Currie, M.
2000A comparison of iatrogenic injury studies in Australia and the USA I: context, methods, casemix, population, patient and hospital characteristicsThomas, E.; Studdert, D.; Runciman, W.; Webb, R.; Sexton, E.; Wilson, R.; Gibberd, R.; Harrison, B.; Brennan, T.
2006An integrated framework for safety, quality and risk management: an information and incident management system based on a universal patient safety classificationRunciman, W.; Williamson, J.; Deakin, A.; Benveniste, K.; Bannon, K.; Hibbert, P.
2000A comparison of iatrogenic injury studies in Australia and the USA, II: reviewer behaviour and quality of careRunciman, W.; Webb, R.; Helps, S.; Thomas, E.; Sexton, E.; Studdert, D.; Brennan, T.
2005Crises in clinical care: an approach to managementRunciman, W.; Merry, A.