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2015Cranial nerve injuries with supraglottic airway devices: a systematic review of published case reports and seriesThiruvenkatarajan, V.; Van Wijk, R.; Rajbhoj, A.
2010Torsade de pointes in a patient with acute prolonged QT syndrome and poorly controlled diabetes during sevoflurane anaesthesiaThiruvenkatarajan, V.; Osborn, K.; van Wijk, R.; Euler, P.; Sethi, R.; Moodie, S.; Biradar, V.
2013Sodium administration in critically ill patients in Australia and New Zealand: A multicentre point prevalence studyBihari, S.; Peake, S.; Seppelt, I.; Williams, P.; Bersten, A.
2011The effects of anaesthetic agents on cortical mapping during neurosurgical procedures involving eloquent areas of the brainAdhikary, S.; Thiruvenkatarajan, V.; Babu, K.; Tharyan, P.
2011Advances in analgesia in the older patientColdrey, J.; Upton, R.; Macintyre, P.
2006Cerebral kinetics of oxycodone in conscious sheepVillesen, H.; Foster, D.; Upton, R.; Somogyi, A.; Martinez, A.; Grant, C.
2005Perfusion-diffusion compartmental models describe cerebral helium kinetics at high and low cerebral blood flows in sheepDoolette, D.; Upton, R.; Grant, C.
2005Brain pharmacokinetics of lignocaine before and following intravenous perfluorocarbon emulsion infusion in sheepDoolette, D.; Upton, R.; Martinez, A.
2005A novel technique for post-pyloric feeding tube placement in critically ill patients: A pilot studyYoung, R.; Chapman, M.; Fraser, R.; Yandell, R.; Chorley, D.; O'Connor, S.
2013Epidural versus continuous transversus abdominis plane catheter technique for postoperative analgesia after abdominal surgeryRao, V.; van Wijk, R.; Moran, J.; Miller, D.