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1998Autonomic neurotoxicity of jellyfish and marine animal venomsBurnett, Joseph W.; Weinrich, Daniel; Williamson, John Aubrey Henry; Fenner, Peter J.; Lutz, Linda L.; Bloom, David A.
1998Differential effects of phosphonic analogues of GABA on GABAB autoreceptors in rat neocortical slicesOng, J.; Marino, V.; Parker, D.; Kerr, D.
1998Quantity and structure of surfactant proteins vary among patients with alveolar proteinosisDoyle, Ian R.; Davidson, K. G.; Barr, Heather A.; Nicholas, Terence E.; Payne, K.; Pfitzner, John
1998A timed reexpansion inspiratory manoeuvre (TRIM) for treating oxyhaemoglobin desaturation in children following a period of apnoea - studies in an animal modelMcDonald, P. F.; van der Walt, Johan Hendrik; Parnis, S. J.
1998The y-aminobutyric acid uptake inhibitor NO-711 potentiates 3-aminopropylphosphinic acid-induced actions in rat neocortical slicesOng, J.; Kerr, D.
1998The anaesthetic management of autistic childrenRainey, L.; van der Walt, Johan Hendrik
1998The morpholino-acetic acid analogue Sch 50911 is a selective GABAB receptor antagonist in rat neocortical slicesOng, J.; Marino, V.; Parker, D.; Kerr, D.; Blythin, D.
1998Fulminant desquamative interstitial pneumonitisGould, T.; Buist, M.; Meredith, D.; Thomas, P.
1998Nine years' experience in an acute pain service - and the use of audit data from 15,000 patients to revise treatment protocolsMacintyre, P.
1998Tachycardia alone fails to change the myocardial pharmacokinetics and dynamics of lidocaine, thiopental, and verapamil after intravenous bolus administration in sheepHuang, Y.; Zheng, D.; Upton, R.; Gray, E.; Grant, C.