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1998Quantity and structure of surfactant proteins vary among patients with alveolar proteinosisDoyle, Ian R.; Davidson, K. G.; Barr, Heather A.; Nicholas, Terence E.; Payne, K.; Pfitzner, John
1998A timed reexpansion inspiratory manoeuvre (TRIM) for treating oxyhaemoglobin desaturation in children following a period of apnoea - studies in an animal modelMcDonald, P. F.; van der Walt, Johan Hendrik; Parnis, S. J.
1998How can organ donation rates be improved?Young, Robert J.; Herbertt, K. L.
1998Anaesthesia and the internetSainsbury, D.
1998Guidelines for presentation of scientific workMyburgh, John Alexander
1998Autonomic neurotoxicity of jellyfish and marine animal venomsBurnett, Joseph W.; Weinrich, Daniel; Williamson, John Aubrey Henry; Fenner, Peter J.; Lutz, Linda L.; Bloom, David A.
1998The anaesthetic management of autistic childrenRainey, L.; van der Walt, Johan Hendrik
1998Tachycardia alone fails to change the myocardial pharmacokinetics and dynamics of lidocaine, thiopental, and verapamil after intravenous bolus administration in sheepHuang, Y.; Zheng, D.; Upton, R.; Gray, E.; Grant, C.
1998Morpholin-2-yl-phosphinic acids are potent GABAB receptor antagonists in rat brainOng, J.; Kerr, D.; Bittiger, H.; Waldmeier, P.; Baumann, P.; Cooke, N.; Mickel, S.; Froestl, W.
1998The enantiomer-specific kinetics and dynamics of verapamil after rapid intravenous administration to sheep: physiological analysis and modelingHuang, Y.; Upton, R.; Zheng, D.; Mclean, C.; Gray, E.; Grant, C.