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1999Gas movement in the nonventilated lung at the onset of single-lung ventilation for video-assisted thoracoscopyPfitzner, John; Peacock, Morris J.; McAleer, P. T.
1999Ambient pressure oxygen reservoir apparatus for use during one-lung anaesthesiaPfitzner, John; Peacock, Morris J.; Daniels, B. W.
1999A model of the kinetics and dynamics of induction of anaesthesia in sheep: variable estimation for thiopental and comparison with propofolUpton, Richard N.; Ludbrook, Guy L.
1999Small tidal volume ventilation using a zero deadspace tracheal tubeLiebenberg, C. S.; Raw, R.; Lipman, Jeffrey; Moyes, D. G.; Cleaton-Jones, P. E.
1999Kinetic aspects of drug disposition in the lungsUpton, Richard N.; Doolette, David J.
1999The effect of magnesium sulfate on cerebral blood flow velocity, cardiovascular variables, and arterial carbon dioxide tension in awake sheepLudbrook, Guy L.; James, M. F. M.; Upton, Richard N.
1999Anaesthetic breathing circuit obstruction due to blockage of tracheal tube connector by a foreign body - two casesForeman, M. J.; Moyes, Donald George
1999The relationship between the myocardial kinetics of Meperidine and its effect on myocardial contractility: model-independent analysis and optimal regional modelUpton, Richard N.; Huang, Yi Fei; Mather, Laurence E.; Doolette, David J.
1999Core temperature changes during open and laparoscopic colorectal surgeryLuck, A.; Moyes, D.; Maddern, G.; Hewett, P.
1999The utility of open lung biopsy in patients requiring mechanical ventilationFlabouris, A.; Myburgh, J.