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2021Sleep disordered breathing in children: which symptoms do parents consider a problem?Lushington, K.; Biggs, S.; Martin, A.; Kennedy, J.
2021Tibial cartilage, subchondral bone plate and trabecular bone microarchitecture in varus- and valgus-osteoarthritis versus controlsRapagna, S.; Roberts, B.C.; Solomon, L.B.; Reynolds, K.J.; Thewlis, D.; Perilli, E.
2021Advances in germline predisposition to acute leukaemias and myeloid neoplasmsKlco, J.M.; Mullighan, C.G.
2021Preservation of gastrointestinal mucosal barrier function and microbiome in patients with controlled HIV infectionMak, G.; Zaunders, J.J.; Bailey, M.; Seddiki, N.; Rogers, G.; Leong, L.; Phan, T.G.; Kelleher, A.D.; Koelsch, K.K.; Boyd, M.A.; Danta, M.
2021HDL improves cholesterol and glucose homeostasis and reduces Aatherosclerosis in diabetes-associated atherosclerosisDi Bartolo, B.A.; Cartland, S.P.; Genner, S.; Manuneedhi Cholan, P.; Vellozzi, M.; Rye, K.A.; Kavurma, M.M.
2021Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex modulates electroencephalographic functional connectivity in Alzheimer’s diseaseGuo, Y.; Dang, G.; Hordacre, B.; Su, X.; Yan, N.; Chen, S.; Ren, H.; Shi, X.; Cai, M.; Zhang, S.; Lan, X.
2021Systematic review and meta-Analysis of the clinical characteristics and outcomes of spontanous coronary artery dissectionFranke, K.B.; Nerlekar, N.; Marshall, H.; Psaltis, P.J.
2021Vitamin D supplementation improves bone mineralisation independent of dietary phosphate in male X-linked hypophosphatemic (Hyp) miceBarratt, K.R.; Sawyer, R.K.; Atkins, G.J.; St-Arnaud, R.; Anderson, P.H.
2021Practical guidance for food consumption to prevent cardiovascular diseaseNestel, P.J.; Beilin, L.J.; Clifton, P.M.; Watts, G.F.; Mori, T.A.
2021Neuroimmunological complications arising from chemotherapy-induced gut toxicity and opioid exposure in female dark agouti ratsBajic, J.; Howarth, G.; Mashtoub, S.; Whittaker, A.; Bobrovskaya, L.; Hutchinson, M.R.
2021Modeling nonlinear dendritic processing of facilitation in a dragonfly target-tracking neuronBekkouche, B.M.B.; Shoemaker, P.A.; Fabian, J.M.; Rigosi, E.; Wiederman, S.D.; O’Carroll, D.C.
2021National changes in outpatient systemic antibiotic use during the Coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic in AustraliaSluggett, J.K.; Dinh, Y.H.; Wesselingh, S.L.; Inacio, M.C.; Caughey, G.E.
2021Overall survival of men with metachronous metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer treated with enzalutamide and androgen deprivation therapySweeney, C.J.; Martin, A.J.; Stockler, M.R.; Begbie, S.; Chi, K.N.; Chowdhury, S.; Coskinas, X.; Frydenberg, M.; Hague, W.E.; Horvath, L.G.; Joshua, A.M.; Lawrence, N.J.; Marx, G.M.; McCaffrey, J.; McDermott, R.; McJannett, M.; North, S.A.; Parnis, F.; Parulekar, W.; Pook, D.W.; et al.
2021No observed effect on brain vasculature of Alzheimer's disease-related mutations in the zebrafish presenilin 1 geneBarthelson, K.; Newman, M.; Nowell, C.J.; Lardelli, M.
2021Overexpression of Flii during murine embryonic development increases symmetrical division of epidermal progenitor cellsYang, G.N.; Ahangar, P.; Strudwick, X.L.; Kopecki, Z.; Cowin, A.J.
2021Outcomes for head and neck cancer patients admitted to intensive care in Australia and New Zealand between 2000 and 2016Frauenfelder, C.A.; Raith, E.P.; Krishnan, S.; Udy, A.; Pilcher, D.
2021Optimising a targeted test reduction intervention for patients admitted to the intensive care unit: the Targeted Intensive Care Test Ordering Cluster Trial interventionLitton, E.; Atkinson, H.; Anstey, J.; Anstey, M.; Campbell, L.T.; Forbes, A.; Hahn, R.; Hooper, K.; Kasza, J.; Knapp, S.; McGain, F.; Ngyuen, N.; Pilcher, D.; Reddi, B.; Reid, C.; Robinson, S.; Thompson, K.; Webb, S.; Young, P.
2021Patient derived orthotopic xenograft models of medulloblastoma lack a functional blood brain barrierGenovesi, L.A.; Puttick, S.; Millar, A.; Kojic, M.; Ji, P.; Lagendijk, A.K.; Brighi, C.; Bonder, C.S.; Adolphe, C.; Wainwright, B.J.
2021Potential for gut peptide‐based therapy in postprandial hypotensionBorg, M.J.; Xie, C.; Rayner, C.K.; Horowitz, M.; Jones, K.L.; Wu, T.
2021Pathogenesis of reproductive and metabolic PCOS traits in a mouse modelRodriguez Paris, V.; Edwards, M.C.; Aflatounian, A.; Bertoldo, M.J.; Ledger, W.L.; Handelsman, D.J.; Gilchrist, R.B.; Walters, K.A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 13341