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2011Hearing preservation after low dose linac radiosurgery for acoustic neuroma depends on initial hearing and timeRoos, D.; Potter, A.; Zacest, A.
2010Perhexiline and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: A new horizon for metabolic modulationHorowitz, J.; Chirkov, Y.
2010Diabetic gastroparesis and its impact on glycemiaChang, J.; Rayner, C.; Jones, K.; Horowitz, M.
2013BCR-ABL1 kinase domain mutations may persist at very low levels for many years and lead to subsequent TKI resistanceParker, W.; Yeoman, A.; Jamison, B.; Yeung, D.; Scott, H.; Hughes, T.; Branford, S.
2013The teamwork study: enhancing the role of non-GP staff in chronic disease management in general practiceBlack, D.; Taggart, J.; Jayasinghe, U.; Proudfoot, J.; Crookes, P.; Beilby, J.; Powell Davies, G.; Wilson, L.; Harris, M.
2010Identifying the ion channels responsible for signaling gastro-intestinal based painBrierley, S.; Hughes, P.; Harrington, A.; Rychkov, G.; Blackshaw, L.
2010Intravenous iron sucrose - an effective and attractive modality for perioperative anaemia managementFroessler, B.; Papendorf, D.
2013A comparison of Australian rural and metropolitan cardiovascular risk and mortality: the Greater Green Triangle and North West Adelaide population surveysTideman, P.; Taylor, A.; Janus, E.; Philpot, B.; Clark, R.; Peach, E.; Laatikainen, T.; Vartiainen, E.; Tirimacco, R.; Montgomerie, A.; Grant, J.; Versace, V.; Dunbar, J.
2011Delayed fathering and risk of mental disorders in adult offspringKrishnaswamy, Saroja; Subramaniam, P.; Ramachandran, K. P.; Indran, Tishya; Aziz, Jemain Abdul
2013Severe ataxic polyneuropathy associated with chronic levodopa use in Parkinson's diseaseKimber, T.; Blumbergs, P.; Thompson, P.