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2016Gender and tachycardia: independent modulation of platelet reactivity in patients with atrial fibrillationProcter, N.; Ball, J.; Ngo, D.; Isenberg, J.; Hylek, E.; Chirkov, Y.; Stewart, S.; Horowitz, J.
2000NitrovasodilatorsHorowitz, J.
2007Hyperglycemia and platelet function in diabetic patients: Relevance to acute myocardial ischemia and infarctionChirkov, Y.; Horowitz, J.
1996Heterogeneity of glyceryl trinitrate response in isolated bovine coronoary arteriesde la Lande, I.; Stafford, I.; Horowitz, J.
1997Anomalous left anterior descending coronary artery presenting with acute myocardial infarction.Warner, A.; Horowitz, J.
2016A review of the external validity of clinical trials with beta-blockers in heart failureIyngkaran, P.; Toukhsati, S.; Thomas, M.; Jelinek, M.; Hare, D.; Horowitz, J.
2016Cardiovascular Health in Anxiety or Mood Problems Study (CHAMPS): study protocol for a randomized controlled trialTully, P.; Turnbull, D.; Horowitz, J.; Beltrame, J.; Selkow, T.; Baune, B.; Markwick, E.; Sauer-Zavala, S.; Baumeister, H.; Cosh, S.; Wittert, G.
1996Relationship between plasma perhexiline concentration and symptomatic status during short-term perhexiline therapy.Stewart, S.; Voss, D.; Northey, D.; Horowitz, J.
1996Multiple agonist induction of aggregation: an approach to examine anti-aggregating effects in vitroWilloughby, S.; Chirkova, L.; Horowitz, J.; Chirkov, Y.
2012Clinical Trials Update Esc Congress 2011Rosenson, R.; Horowitz, J.; Kaski, J.; Krum, H.; Remme, W.