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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Advances in asthma managementRuffin, R.; Southcott, A.
1998Smoking habits and cessation programme in an Australian teaching hospitalJones, T.; Crocker, H.; Ruffin, R.
1999A South Australian population survey of the ownership of asthma action plansRuffin, R.; Wilson, D.; Southcott, A.; Smith, B.; Adams, R.
1999The effect of a respiratory home nurse intervention in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)Smith, B.; Appleton, S.; Bennett, P.; Roberts, G.; Del Fante, P.; Adams, R.; Trott, C.; Allan, D.; Southcott, A.; Ruffin, R.
1996Near-fatal asthma in South Australia: descriptive features and medication use.Campbell, D.; Luke, C.; McLennan, G.; Coates, J.; Frith, P.; Gluyas, P.; Latimer, K.; Martin, A.; Ruffin, R.; Yellowlees, P.; Roder, D.
1997Rehospitalisation for asthma within 12 months: unequal rates on the basis of gender at two hospitals.Heard, A.; Campbell, D.; Ruffin, R.; Smith, B.; Luke, C.; Roder, D.
1997Risk factors for repeat attendance at hospital emergency departments among adults and children with asthmaWakefield, M.; Staugas, R.; Ruffin, R.; Campbell, D.; Beilby, J.; McCaul, K.
1997A risk screening questionnaire for adult asthmatics to predict attendance at hospital emergency departmentsWakefield, M.; Ruffin, R.; Campbell, D.; Staugas, R.; Beilby, J.; McCaul, K.
1997The value of the lipid-laden macrophage index in the assessment of aspiration pneumoniaAdams, R.; Ruffin, R.; Campbell, D.
1997The Australian National Asthma Campaign: effects of public education activities based on mass media.Comino, E.; Bauman, A.; Mitchell, C.; Ruffin, R.; Antic, R.; Zimmerman, P.; Gutch, R.