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1996Decreased stability of the O allelle mRNA transcript of the ABO geneO'Keefe, Denise Susan; Dobrovic, Alexander
1996An open multicentre study of tropisetron for cisplatin-induced nausea and vomitingOlver, Ian N.; Craft, Paul S.; Clingan, Phillip R.; Kearsley, John H.; Planner, Robert S.; van Hazel, Guy A.; Bell, David R.; Adena, Michael R.; Hall, Barbara E.; Pearson, Lesley L.
1996HLA class I associations of ankylosing spondylitis in the white population in the United Kingdom.Brown, Matthew A.; Pile, Kevin D.; Kennedy, L. Gail; Calin, Andrei; Darke, Chris; Bell, James; Wordsworth, B. Paul; Cornelis, F.
1996Phase II study of a three hour infusion of paclitaxel in pregiously untreated patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancerMillward, Michael J.; Bishop, James F.; Friedlander, Michael; Levi, J. A.; Goldstein, David; Olver, Ian N.; Smith, J. G.; Toner, G. C.; Rischin, D.; Bell, David R.
1996HLA-DPB polymorphisms: Glu 69 association with sarcoidosisSympany, P. A.; Petrek, M.; Southcott, Anne Marie; Newman-Taylor, A. J.; Welsh, K. I.; du Bois, R. M.
1996Renal disease in the Australian Aboriginal population: a pathological studyMoore, L.; Lloyd, M.; Pugsley, D.; Seymour, A.
1996Regional bone mineral density interrelationships in normal and osteoporotic postmenopausal womenNordin, B.; Chatterton, B.; Schultz, C.; Need, A.; Horowitz, M.
1996Mutations in the androgen receptor gene are associated with progression of human prostate cancer to androgen independenceTilley, W.; Buchanan, G.; Hickey, T.; Bentel, J.
1996Effect of dietary n-9 eicosatrienoic acid on the fatty acid composition of plasma lipid fractions and tissue phospholipidsCleland, L.; Neumann, M.; Gibson, R.; Hamazaki, T.; Akimoto, K.; James, M.
1996Concurrent radiotherapy and continuous ambulatory infusion 5-fluorouracil in advanced head and neck cancerOlver, I.; Hughes, P.; Smith, J.; Narayan, K.; Bishop, J.