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1996Stable inheritance of an HLA-"blank" phenotype associated with a structural mutation in the HLA-A*0301 geneLienert, K.; Russ, G.; Lester, S.; Bennet, G.; Gao, X.; McCluskey, J.
1996Aging and bone metabolism in African American and Caucasian womenPerry, H.; Horowitz, M.; Morley, J.; Fleming, S.; Jensen, J.; Caccione, P.; Miller, D.; Kaiser, F.; Sundarum, M.
1996Effects of glyceryl trinitrate on the pyloric motor response to intraduodenal triglyceride infusion in humansSun, W.; Doran, S.; Lingenfelser, T.; Hebbard, G.; Morley, J.; Dent, J.; Horowitz, M.
1996Intraluminal micromanometry: an evaluation of the dynamic performance of micro-extrusions and sleeve sensorsOmari, T.; Bakewell, M.; Fraser, R.; Malbert, C.; Davidson, G.; Dent, J.
1996The effect of acute hyperglycaemia on small intestinal motility in normal subjects.Russo, A.; Fraser, R.; Horowitz, M.
1996Effects of mediastinal irradiation on oesophageal functionYeoh, E.; Holloway, R.; Russo, A.; Tippett, M.; Bermingham, H.; Chatterton, B.; Horowitz, M.
1996Effects of increasing solid component size of a mixed solid/liquid meal on solid and liquid gastric emptyingCollins, P.; Horowitz, M.; Maddox, A.; Myers, J.; Chatterton, B.
1996Clinical associations of anti-lamin autoantibodies.Hill, C.; Roberts-Thomson, P.; Pollard, A.; Gillis, D.; Kirkham, B.
1996Near-fatal asthma in South Australia: descriptive features and medication use.Campbell, D.; Luke, C.; McLennan, G.; Coates, J.; Frith, P.; Gluyas, P.; Latimer, K.; Martin, A.; Ruffin, R.; Yellowlees, P.; Roder, D.
1996N-acetyl-L-cysteine depresses cardiac performance in patients with septic shockPeake, S.; Moran, J.; Leppard, P.