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1998Effects of nitroglycerin on liquid gastric emptying and antropyloroduodenal motilitySun, W.; Doran, S.; Jones, K.; Ooi, E.; Boeckxstaens, G.; Hebbard, G.; Lingenfelser, T.; Morley, J.; Dent, J.; Horowitz, M.
1998Interaction of insulin, glucagon-like peptide 1, gastric inhibitory polypeptide, and appetite in response to intraduodenal carbohydrate1–3Lavin, J.; Wittert, G.; Andrews, J.; Yeap, B.; Wishart, J.; Morris, H.; Morley, J.; Horowitz, M.; Read, N.
1998Theophylline plus budesonide vs high-dose budesonide for asthmaSmith, B.
1997The organ shortage: what are Australian organ sharing organizations doing about it?Mathew, T.
1999Immunoglobulin a nephropathy and renal transplantationClarkson, A.; Elias, T.; Faull, R.; Bannister, K.
1998The usefulness of a structured questionnaire in the assessment of symptomatic gastresophageal reflux diseaseCarlsson, R.; Dent, J.; Bolling-Sternevald, E.; Johnsson, F.; Junghard, O.; Lauritsen, K.; Riley, S.; Lundell, L.
1995Gastroparesis: Diagnosis and managementHorowitz, M.; Fraser, R.
1998Transforming growth factor-β levels in maternal milk and expression in postnatal rat duodenum and ileumPenttila, I.; van Spriel, A.; Zhang, M.; Xian, C.; Steeb, C.; Cummins, A.; Zola, H.; Read, L.
1997Inactivation of a c-Myb/estrogen receptor fusion protein in transformed primary cells leads to granulocyte/macrophage differentiation and down regulation of c-kit but not c-myc or cdc2.Hogg, A.; Schirm, S.; Nakagoshi, H.; Bartley, P.; Ishii, S.; Bishop, J.; Gonda, T.
1997Measurement of gastric emptying by intragastric gamma scintigraphyMalbert, C.; Mathis, C.; Bobillier, E.; Laplace, J.; Horowitz, M.