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2018Access to waitlisting for deceased donor kidney transplantation in AustraliaSypek, M.P.; Clayton, P.A.; Lim, W.; Hughes, P.; Kanellis, J.; Wright, J.; Chapman, J.; McDonald, S.P.
2017Prevalence of circadian misalignment and its association with depressive symptoms in delayed sleep phase disorderMurray, J.; Sletten, T.; Magee, M.; Gordon, C.; Lovato, N.; Bartlett, D.; Kennaway, D.; Lack, L.; Grunstein, R.; Lockley, S.; Rajaratnam, S.
2016In the interests of time: Improving HIV allocative efficiency modelling via optimal time-varying allocationsShattock, A.; Kerr, C.; Stuart, R.; Masaki, E.; Fraser, N.; Benedikt, C.; Gorgens, M.; Wilson, D.; Gray, R.
2015The prevalence and correlates of undiagnosed HIV among Australian gay and bisexual men: Results of a national, community-based, bio-behavioural surveyHolt, M.; Lea, T.; Asselin, J.; Hellard, M.; Prestage, G.; Wilson, D.; De Wit, J.; Stoové, M.
2013Murine model of wound healingDunn, L.; Prosser, H.; Tan, J.; Vanags, L.; Ng, M.; Bursill, C.
2019Loot box limit-setting is not sufficient on its own to prevent players from overspending: a reply to Drummond, Sauer & HallKing, D.; Delfabbro, P.
2012Neuromodulators for pain management in rheumatoid arthritisRichards, B.; Whittle, S.; Buchbinder, R.
2018A protocol developing, disseminating and implementing a core outcome set for infertilityDuffy, J.; Bhattacharya, S.; Curtis, C.; Evers, J.; Farquharson, R.; Franik, S.; Khalaf, Y.; Legro, R.; Lensen, S.; Mol, B.; Niederberger, C.; Ng, E.; Repping, S.; Strandell, A.; Torrance, H.; Vail, A.; van Wely, M.; Vuong, N.; Wang, A.; Wang, R.; et al.
2001Delayed gastric emptying in ventilated critically ill patients: Measurement by 13C-octanoic acid breath testRitz, M.; Fraser, R.; Edwards, N.; Di Matteo, A.; Chapman, M.; Butler, R.; Cmielewski, P.; Tournadre, J.; Davidson, G.; Dent, J.
2008Azithromycin improves macrophage phagocytic function and expression of mannose receptor in chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseHodge, S.; Hodge, G.; Jersmann, H.; Matthews, G.; Ahern, J.; Holmes, M.; Reynolds, P.