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2009Self-reported adverse events in health care that cause harm: a population-based surveyAdams, R.; Tucker, G.; Price, K.; Hill, C.; Appleton, S.; Wilson, D.; Taylor, A.; Ruffin, R.
2009Risks associated with low functional health literacy in an Australian populationAdams, R.; Appleton, S.; Hill, C.; Dodd, M.; Findlay, C.; Wilson, D.
2017Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding in Australian adolescents : should it be done?Peña, A.; Delko, T.; Couper, R.; Sutton, K.; Kritas, S.; Omari, T.; Chisholm, J.; Kow, L.; Khurana, S.
2017SOX30 is required for male fertility in miceFeng, C.; Spiller, C.; Merriner, D.; O'Bryan, M.; Bowles, J.; Koopman, P.
2008Hepatic encephalopathy precipitated by sodium valproate therapySubhash, H.; Heddle, R.; Schultz, D.; Ring, J.; Thompson, C.
2008It's not a tsunami - sea-levels are on the risePerry, A.
2017The application of dextran sedimentation as an initial step in neutrophil purification promotes their stimulation, due to the presence of monocytesQuach, A.; Ferrante, A.
2002Factors associated with severity of hepatic fibrosis in people with chronic hepatitis C infectionDanta, M.; Dore, G.; Hennessy, L.; Li, Y.; Vickers, C.; Harley, H.; Ngu, M.; Reed, W.; Desmond, P.; Sievert, W.; Farrell, G.; Kaldor, J.; Batey, R.
2001Automated attention flags in chronic disease care planningWarren, J.; Noone, J.; Smith, B.; Ruffin, R.; Frith, P.; Van Der Zwaag, B.; Beilakov, G.; Frankel, H.; McElroy, H.
2003Pulmonary arterial hypertension: a new era in managementKeogh, A.; McNeil, K.; Williams, T.; Gabbay, E.; Cleland, L.