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2002The effectiveness of coordinated care for people with chronic respiratory diseaseSmith, B.; McElroy, H.; Ruffin, R.; Frith, P.; Heard, A.; Battersby, M.; Esterman, A.; Del Fante, P.; McDonald, P.
2016Gray level co-occurrence matrices (GLCM) to assess microstructural and textural changes in pre-implantation embryosTan, T.; Ritter, L.; Whitty, A.; Fernandez, R.; Moran, L.; Robertson, S.; Thompson, J.; Brown, H.
2010Planned home and hospital births in South Australia, 1991-2006: differences in outcomesKennare, R.; Keirse, M.; Tucker, G.; Chan, A.
2016Research priorities for fertility and conception research as identified by multidisciplinary health care practitioners and researchersMoran, L.; Spencer, L.; Russell, D.; Hull, M.; Robertson, S.; Varcoe, T.; Davies, M.; Brown, H.; Rodgers, R.
2019Is polycystic ovary syndrome a 20th Century phenomenon?Rodgers, R.; Suturina, L.; Lizneva, D.; Davies, M.; Hummitzsch, K.; Irving-Rodgers, H.; Robertson, S.
2006Early combination disease modifying antirheumatic drug treatment for rheumatoid arthritisRoberts, L.; Cleland, L.; Thomas, R.; Proudman, S.
2005Lymphomatous infilration of the peripheral nervous system in enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphomaYap, Y.; Cummins, A.; Blumbergs, P.; Hardingham, J.; Dabadghao, S.; Norman, R.
2005Spinal cord injury register for football: already tackled?Berry, J.; Harrison, J.; Cripps, R.; Marshall, R.
2005COX-2 selectivity varies across classCleland, L.; James, M.
2005The Australian Cancer Anaemia Survey: a snapshot of anaemia in adult patients with cancerSeshadri, T.; Prince, H.; Bell, D.; Coughlin, P.; James, P.; Richardson, G.; Chern, B.; Briggs, P.; Norman, J.; Olver, I.; Karapetis, C.; Stewart, J.