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2016Shorter time to first injury in first year professional football players: a cross-club comparison in the Australian Football LeagueFortington, L.; Berry, J.; Buttifant, D.; Ullah, S.; Diamantopoulou, K.; Finch, C.
2018Timing is everything: maternal circadian rhythms and the developmental origins of health and diseaseVarcoe, T.
2019Interplay between the androgen receptor signaling axis and microRNAs in prostate cancerFernandes, R.C.; Hickey, T.E.; Tilley, W.D.; Selth, L.A.
2006Arterial remodeling correlates positively with serological evidence of inflammation in patients with chronic stable angina pectorisWorthley, S.; Farouque, H.; Cameron, J.; Meredith, I.
2015Let children cryJureidini, J.
2003A novel nonobstructive intravascular MRI coil: in vivo imaging of experimental atherosclerosisWorthley, S.; Helft, G.; Fuster, V.; Fayad, Z.; Shinnar, M.; Minkoff, L.; Schecter, C.; Fallon, J.; Badimon, J.
2016A prospective study of sudden cardiac death among children and young adultsBagnall, R.; Weintraub, R.; Ingles, J.; Duflou, J.; Yeates, L.; Lam, L.; Davis, A.; Thompson, T.; Connell, V.; Wallace, J.; Naylor, C.; Crawford, J.; Love, D.; Hallam, L.; White, J.; Lawrence, C.; Lynch, M.; Morgan, N.; James, P.; Du Sart, D.; et al.
2015SOCS4 is dispensable for an efficient recall response to influenza despite being required for primary immunityKedzierski, L.; Clemens, E.; Bird, N.; Kile, B.; Belz, G.; Nicola, N.; Kedzierska, K.; Nicholson, S.
2015Management of patients with advanced prostate cancer: recommendations of the St Gallen Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference (APCCC) 2015Gillessen, S.; Omlin, A.; Attard, G.; de Bono, J.; Efstathiou, E.; Fizazi, K.; Halabi, S.; Nelson, P.; Sartor, O.; Smith, M.; Soule, H.; Akaza, H.; Beer, T.; Beltran, H.; Chinnaiyan, A.; Daugaard, G.; Davis, I.; De Santis, M.; Drake, C.; Eeles, R.; et al.
2014Mitochondrial apoptosis is dispensable for NLRP3 inflammasome activation but non-apoptotic caspase-8 is required for inflammasome primingAllam, R.; Lawlor, K.; Yu, E.; Mildenhall, A.; Moujalled, D.; Lewis, R.; Ke, F.; Mason, K.; White, M.; Stacey, K.; Strasser, A.; O'Reilly, L.; Alexander, W.; Kile, B.; Vaux, D.; Vince, J.