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2010Outcomes of establishing an acute assessment unit in the general medical service of a tertiary teaching hospitalLi, J.; Yong, T.; Bennett, D.; O'Brien, L.; Roberts, S.; Hakendorf, P.; Ben-Tovim, D.; Phillips, P.; Thompson, C.
2003Asthma symptoms associated with depression and lower quality of life: a population surveyGoldney, R.; Ruffin, R.; Fisher, L.; Wilson, D.
2016Elevated paternal glucocorticoid exposure alters the small noncoding RNA profile in sperm and modifies anxiety and depressive phenotypes in the offspring.Short, A.; Fennell, K.; Perreau, V.; Fox, A.; O'Bryan, M.; Kim, J.; Bredy, T.; Pang, T.; Hannan, A.
2006Men in Australia Telephone Survey (MATeS): predictors of men's help-seeking behaviour for reproductive health disordersHolden, C.; Jolley, D.; McLachlan, R.; Pitts, M.; Cumming, R.; Wittert, G.; Handelsman, D.; De Kretser, D.
2008Qualities men value when communicating with general practitioners: implications for primary care settingsSmith, J.; Braunack-Mayer, A.; Wittert, G.; Warin, M.
2007Rural and urban differentials in primary care management of chronic heart failure: new data from the CASE studyRobyn, S.; Eckert, K.; Stewart, S.; Phillips, S.; Yallop, J.; Tonkin, A.; Krum, H.
2010Thrombolysis for acute stroke in Australia: outcomes from the Safe Implementation of Thrombolysis in Stroke registry (2002-2008)Simpson, M.; Dewey, H.; Churilov, L.; Ahmed, N.; Bladin, C.; Schultz, D.; Markus, R.; Sturm, J.; Levi, C.; Blacker, D.; Jannes, J.; Lindley, R.; Parsons, M.
2009Self-reported adverse events in health care that cause harm: a population-based surveyAdams, R.; Tucker, G.; Price, K.; Hill, C.; Appleton, S.; Wilson, D.; Taylor, A.; Ruffin, R.
2009Risks associated with low functional health literacy in an Australian populationAdams, R.; Appleton, S.; Hill, C.; Dodd, M.; Findlay, C.; Wilson, D.
2017Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding in Australian adolescents : should it be done?Peña, A.; Delko, T.; Couper, R.; Sutton, K.; Kritas, S.; Omari, T.; Chisholm, J.; Kow, L.; Khurana, S.