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2017Policy, research and residents' perspectives on built environments implicated in heart disease: a concept mapping approachStankov, I.; Howard, N.; Daniel, M.; Cargo, M.
20194-Methylumbelliferone inhibits cancer stem cell activation and overcomes chemoresistance in ovarian cancerLokman, N.A.; Price, Z.K.; Hawkins, E.K.; Macpherson, A.M.; Oehler, M.K.; Ricciardelli, C.
2019The antiarrhythmic actions of bisaramil and penticainide result from mixed cardiac ion channel blockadePugsley, M.; Hayes, E.; Saint, D.; Walker, M.
2019Meningeal mast cells as key effectors of stroke pathologyArac, A.; Grimbaldeston, M.; Galli, S.; Bliss, T.; Steinberg, G.
2016Same-day use of opioids and other central nervous system depressants amongst people who tamper with pharmaceutical opioids: a retrospective 7-day diary studyPeacock, A.; Bruno, R.; Larance, B.; Lintzeris, N.; Nielsen, S.; Ali, R.; Dobbins, T.; Degenhardt, L.
2016Different types of spinal afferent nerve endings in stomach and esophagus identified by anterograde tracing from dorsal root gangliaSpencer, N.; Kyloh, M.; Beckett, E.; Brookes, S.; Hibberd, T.
2016International genome-wide association study consortium identifies novel loci associated with blood pressure in children and adolescentsParmar, P.; Taal, H.; Timpson, N.; Thiering, E.; Lehtimäki, T.; Marinelli, M.; Lind, P.; Howe, L.; Verwoert, G.; Aalto, V.; Uitterlinden, A.; Briollais, L.; Evans, D.; Wright, M.; Newnham, J.; Whitfield, J.; Lyytikäinen, L.; Rivadeneira, F.; Boomsma, D.; Viikari, J.; et al.
2013Characterization and downstream mannose phosphorylation of human recombinant α-L-iduronidase produced in Arabidopsis complex glycan-deficient (cgl) seedsHe, X.; Pierce, O.; Haselhorst, T.; von Itzstein, M.; Kolarich, D.; Packer, N.; Gloster, T.; Vocadlo, D.; Qian, Y.; Brooks, D.; Kermode, A.
2019Inducible IFN-γ expression for MHC-I upregulation in devil facial tumor cellsOng, C.; Lyons, A.; Woods, G.; Flies, A.
2015The contrasting phylodynamics of human influenza B virusesVijaykrishna, D.; Holmes, E.; Joseph, U.; Fourment, M.; Su, Y.; Halpin, R.; Lee, R.; Deng, Y.; Gunalan, V.; Lin, X.; Stockwell, T.; Fedorova, N.; Zhou, B.; Spirason, N.; Küuhnert, D.; Bošková, V.; Stadler, T.; Costa, A.; Dwyer, D.; Huang, Q.; et al.