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2012Vitamin and minerals that influence genome integrity, and exposure/intake levels associated with DNA damage preventionFerguson, L.; Fenech, M.
2018Treatments for women with gestational diabetes mellitus: an overview of Cochrane systematic reviewsMartis, R.; Crowther, C.; Shepherd, E.; Alsweiler, J.; Downie, M.; Brown, J.
2012A surgical model of permanent and transient middle cerebral artery stroke in the sheepWells, A.; Vink, R.; Blumbergs, P.; Brophy, B.; Helps, S.; Knox, S.; Turner, R.
2012The pressure distribution of cerebrospinal fluid responds to residual compression and decompression in an animal model of acute spinal cord injuryJones, C.; Newell, R.; Lee, J.; Cripton, P.; Kwon, B.
2013Trends in stroke incidence after hospitalization for atrial fibrillation in Sweden 1987 to 2006Olsson, L.; Swedberg, K.; Lappas, G.; Stewart, S.; Rosengren, A.
2012Colpodella spp.-like parasite infection in woman, ChinaYuan, C.; Keeling, P.; Krause, P.; Horak, A.; Bent, S.; Rollend, L.; Hua, X.
2011Caregivers' perceived adequacy of support in end-stage lung disease: results of a population surveyCurrow, D.; Farquhar, M.; Ward, A.; Crawford, G.; Abernethy, A.
2011Resuscitation orders and their relevance to patients' clinical status and outcomesShanmuganathan, N.; Li, J.; Yong, T.; Hakendorf, P.; Ben-Tovim, D.; Thompson, C.
2011Irinotecan-induced alterations in intestinal cell kinetics and extracellular matrix component expression in the dark agouti ratAl-Dasooqi, N.; Bowen, J.; Gibson, R.; Logan, R.; Stringer, A.; Keefe, D.
2012Increased natural killer T-like cells are a major source of pro-inflammatory cytokines and granzymes in lung transplant recipientsHodge, G.; Hodge, S.; Liew, C.; Reynolds, P.; Holmes, M.