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2019Risk factors for and outcomes of delayed graft function in live donor kidney transplantation - a retrospective studyMogulla, M.; Bhattacharjya, S.; Clayton, P.
2009Positron emission tomography changes management, improves prognostic stratification and is superior to gallium scintigraphy in patients with low-grade lymphoma: results of a multicentre prospective studyScott, A.; Gunawardana, D.; Wong, J.; Kirkwood, I.; Hicks, R.; Ho Shon, I.; Ramshaw, J.; Robins, P.
2014Study design of embracing high-sensitivity troponin effectively: the value of more information: a randomized comparisonAstley, C.; Beltrame, J.; Zeitz, C.; Worthley, M.; Coates, P.; Murray, A.; Arstall, M.; Grantham, H.; Dunn, R.; Quinn, S.; Aylward, P.; Chew, D.
2014Telomere shortening in elderly individuals with mild cognitive impairment may be attenuated with ω-3 fatty acid supplementation: a randomized controlled pilot studyO'Callaghan, N.; Parletta, N.; Milte, C.; Benassi-Evans, B.; Fenech, M.; Howe, P.
2017Early use of N-acetylcysteine with nitrate therapy in patients undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention for ST-segment-elevation myocardial infarction reduces myocardial infarct size (the NACIAM trial [N-acetylcysteine in acute myocardial infarction])Pasupathy, S.; Tavella, R.; Grover, S.; Raman, B.; Procter, N.; Du, Y.; Mahadavan, G.; Stafford, I.; Heresztyn, T.; Holmes, A.; Zeitz, C.; Arstall, M.; Selvanayagam, J.; Horowitz, J.; Beltrame, J.
2012Study Protocol: establishing good relationships between patients and health care providers while providing cardiac care. Exploring how patient-clinician engagement contributes to health disparities between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians in South AustraliaRoe, Y.; Zeitz, C.; Fredericks, B.
2018Results of the first recorded evaluation of a national gestational diabetes mellitus register: challenges in screening, registration, and follow-up for diabetes riskBoyle, D.; Versace, V.; Dunbar, J.; Scheil, W.; Janus, E.; Oats, J.; Skinner, T.; Shih, S.; O Reilly, S.; Sikaris, K.; Kelsall, L.; Phillips, P.; Best, J.
2018New therapeutic opportunities from dissecting the pre-B leukemia bone marrow microenvironmentCheung, L.C.; Tickner, J.; Hughes, A.M.; Skut, P.; Howlett, M.; Foley, B.; Oommen, J.; Wells, J.E.; He, B.; Singh, S.; Chua, G.-.A.; Ford, J.; Mullighan, C.G.; Kotecha, R.S.; Kees, U.R.
2019'We're here to listen and help them as well': a qualitative study of staff and Indigenous patient perceptions about participating in social and emotional wellbeing research at primary healthcare servicesFarnbach, S.; Gee, G.; Eades, A.-.M.; Evans, J.R.; Fernando, J.; Hammond, B.; Simms, M.; DeMasi, K.; Hackett, M.L.; Teixeira-Pinto, A.; Glozier, N.; Skinner, T.; Askew, D.; Cass, A.; Brown, A.
2019Specific functions of TET1 and TET2 in regulating mesenchymal cell lineage determinationCakouros, D.; Hemming, S.; Gronthos, K.; Liu, R.; Zannettino, A.; Shi, S.; Gronthos, S.