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2012Pharmacokinetics of oxycodone after subcutaneous administration in a critically ill population compared with a healthy cohortKrishnamurthy, R.; Upton, R.; Fajumi, A.; Lai, S.; Charlton, C.; Ousley, R.; Martinez, A.; McConnell, H.; O'Connor, S.; Ong, J.; Macintyre, P.; Chapman, M.; Ludbrook, G.
2019Lifestyle and psychological factors associated with pregnancy intentions: findings from a Longitudinal Cohort Study of Australian womenHill, B.; Ling, M.; Mishra, G.; Moran, L.; Teede, H.; Bruce, L.; Skouteris, H.
2017HIF signalling: the eyes have itPeet, D.; Kittipassorn, T.; Wood, J.; Chidlow, G.; Casson, R.
2015Post receptor determinants of acute platelet response to clopidogrel in patients with symptomatic myocardial ischemiaNooney, V.; Hurst, N.; Chirkov, Y.; De Caterina, R.; Horowitz, J.
2013Heart failure: a corin-deficient state?Ngo, D.; Horowitz, J.; Sverdlov, A.
2012Maternal GIST in twin pregnancy: case report of a rare and complex management challengeIgras, E.; Fosh, B.; Neuhaus, S.
2017Specific ion channels contribute to key elements of pathology during secondary degeneration following neurotraumaO'Hare Doig, R.; Chiha, W.; Giacci, M.; Yates, N.; Bartlett, C.; Smith, N.; Hodgetts, S.; Harvey, A.; Fitzgerald, M.
2012Harmonization of molecular monitoring of chronic myeloid leukemia therapy in JapanYoshida, C.; Fletcher, L.; Ohashi, K.; Wakita, H.; Kumagai, T.; Shiseki, M.; Matsuei, K.; Inokuchi, K.; Hatta, Y.; Shirasugi, Y.; Yamaguchi, T.; Sakamoto, J.; Branford, S.; Sakamaki, H.
2019Age-related changes in late synaptic inputs to corticospinal neurons and their functional significance: a paired-pulse TMS studyOpie, G.; Hand, B.; Semmler, J.
2019Evidence for gender-specific bone loss mechanisms in periprosthetic osteolysisOrmsby, R.T.; Solomon, L.B.; Stamenkov, R.; Findlay, D.M.; Atkins, G.J.