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2016Interplay between oxidative stress and inflammation in cardiometabolic syndromeSverdlov, A.; Figtree, G.; Horowitz, J.; Ngo, D.
2009Correlates of arterial stiffness in an ageing population: Role of asymmetric dimethylarginineNgo, D.; Sverdlov, A.; McNeil, J.; Horowitz, J.
2007Aortic stenosis is associated with elevated plasma levels of asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA)Ngo, D.; Heresztyn, T.; Mishra, K.; Marwick, T.; Horowitz, J.
2012Pathogenesis of aortic sclerosis: association with low BMI, tissue nitric oxide resistance, but not systemic inflammatory activationSverdlov, A.; Ngo, D.; Horowitz, J.
2012Determinants of aortic sclerosis progression: implications regarding impairment of nitric oxide signalling and potential therapeuticsSverdlov, A.; Ngo, D.; Chan, W.; Chirkov, Y.; Gersh, B.; McNeil, J.; Horowitz, J.
2012Prevention of aortic valve stenosis: a realistic therapeutic target?Ngo, D.; Sverdlov, A.; Horowitz, J.
2013Heart failure: a corin-deficient state?Ngo, D.; Horowitz, J.; Sverdlov, A.
2010Does Vitamin D modulate asymmetric dimethylarginine and C-reactive protein concentrations?Ngo, D.; Sverdlov, A.; McNeil, J.; Horowitz, J.
2004Quantitative assessment of aortic sclerosis using ultrasonic backscatterNgo, D.; Wuttke, R.; Turner, S.; Marwick, T.; Horowitz, J.
2013Reciprocal regulation of NO signaling and TXNIP expression in humans: Impact of aging and ramipril therapySverdlov, A.; Chan, W.; Procter, N.; Chirkov, Y.; Ngo, D.; Horowitz, J.