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1999An 'annoying' foot: unilateral painful legs and moving toes syndromeSanders, P.; Waddy, H.; Thompson, P.
1998Modulation of primary orthostatic tremor by magnetic stimulation of the motor cortexTsai, C.; Semmler, J.; Kimber, T.; Thickbroom, G.; Stell, R.; Mastaglia, F.; Thompson, P.
1995Exacerbation of postural tremor with emergence of Parkinsonism following neuroleptic administrationPlayford, E.; Britton, T.; Thompson, P.; Brooks, D.; Findley, L.; Marsden, C.
1999Bilateral cortical control of the human anterior digastric musclesGooden, B.; Ridding, M.; Miles, T.; Nordstrom, M.; Thompson, P.
1995The movement related cortical potential is abnormal in patients with idiopathic torsion dystoniaVan der Kamp, W.; Rothwell, J.; Thompson, P.; Day, B.; Marsden, C.
1995The Bereitschaftspotential preceding stepping in patients with gait ignition failureVidailhet, M.; Atchison, P.; Stocchi, R.; Thompson, P.; Rothwell, J.; Marsden, C.
1998Drug induced supraglottic dystonia and spasmodic dysphoniaWarren, J.; Thompson, P.
1999Motor cortical control of human masticatory musclesNordstrom, M.; Miles, T.; Gooden, B.; Butler, S.; Ridding, M.; Thompson, P.
1999Progressive frontal gait disturbance with atypical Alzheimer's disease and corticobasal degenerationRossor, M.; Tyrell, P.; Warrington, E.; Thompson, P.; Marsden, C.; Lantos, P.
1997The clinical features and prognosis of chronic posthypoxic myoclonus.Werhahn, K.; Brown, P.; Thompson, P.; Marsden, C.