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1995Observer reliability in assessing placental maturity by histologyKhong, Teck Yee; Staples, Alan; Bendon, Robert W.; Chambers, H. M.; Gould, S. J.; Knowles, S.; Shen-Schwarz, S.
2006Obstetric litigation is asphyxiating our maternity servicesHankins, G.; MacLennan, A.; Speer, M.; Strunk, A.; Nelson, K.
2000Obstetrical and gynaecological illnessesDekker, G.; Schats, R.
2011Obstetrical outcome valuations by patients, professionals, and laypersons: differences within and between groups using three valuation methodsBijlenga, D.; Birnie, E.; Mol, B.; Bonsel, G.
2018Off to the right start: how pregnancy and early life can determine future animal health and productionGatford, K.; Roberts, C.; Kind, K.; Hynd, P.; 31st Biennial Conference of Australian Society of Animal Production (ASAP 2016) / Joint Conference of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production (NZSAP) (05 Jul 2016 - 07 Jul 2016 : Adelaide, AUSTRALIA)
2003On an anatomical basis for the increase in birth weight in second and subsequent born childrenKhong, T.; Adema, E.; Erwich, J.
2010On the need for porcine embryonic stem cells to produce Gal KO pigs expressing multiple transgenes to advance xenotransplantation researchNottle, M.; Vassiliev, I.; O'Connel, P.; D'Apice, A.; Cowan, P.
2008One-carbon metabolism enzyme polymorphisms and uteroplacental insufficiencyFurness, D.; Fenech, M.; Khong, T.; Romero, R.; Dekker, G.
2008One-carbon metabolism genes and uteroplacental insufficiency (UPI)Furness, D.; Fenech, M.; Dekker, G.
2006One-step versus two-step culture of mouse preimplantation embryosGardner, D.; Lane, M.
2014Ongoing pregnancy qualifies best as the primary outcome measure of choice in trials in reproductive medicine: an opinion paperBraakhekke, M.; Kamphuis, E.; Dancet, E.; Mol, F.; van Der Veen, F.; Mol, B.
2006Only an expert witness can prevent cerebral palsy!MacLennan, A.; Hankins, G.; Speer, M.
1996The ontogeny of hepatic growth hormone receptor and insulin-like growth factor I gene expression in the sheep fetus during late gestation: developmental regulation by cortisolLi, J.; Owens, J.; Owens, P.; Saunders, J.; Fowden, A.; Gilmour, R.
2000The ontogeny of induction of c-fos in the rat SCN by a 5-HT2A/2C agonistFerguson, S.; Kennaway, D.
2009Ontogeny of placental structural development and expression of the renin–angiotensin system and 11β-HSD₂ genes in the rabbitMcArdle, A.; Denton, K.; Maduwegedera, D.; Moritz, K.; Flower, R.; Roberts, C.
2012Onvoldoende bewijs voor ijzersuppletie bij anemische zwangerenWiegerinck, M.; Mol, B.
2007Oocyte cryopreservation as an adjunct to the assisted reproductive technologiesHarrison, K.; Lane, M.; Osborn, J.; Kirby, C.; Jeffrey, R.; Esler, J.; Molloy, D.
2012Oocyte maturation and embryo survival in nulliparous female pigs (gilts) is improved by feeding a lupin-based high-fibre dietWeaver, A.; Kelly, J.; Kind, K.; Gatford, K.; Kennaway, D.; Herde, P.; Van Wettere, W.
2011Oocyte maturation and ovulation - an orchestral symphony of signallingGilchrist, R.; Mottershead, D.; Thompson, J.
2007Oocyte maturation: Emerging concepts and technologies to improve developmental potential in vitroGilchrist, R.; Thompson, J.