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2003Variable maternal nutrition and growth hormone treatment in the second quarter of pregnancy in pigs alter semitendinosus muscle in adolescent progenyGatford, K.; Ekert, J.; Blackmore, K.; De Blasio, M.; Boyce, J.; Owens, J.; Campbell, R.; Owens, P.
2010Variant interleukin 1 receptor antagonist gene alleles in sudden infant death syndromeHighet, A.; Gibson, C.; Goldwater, P.
1999Variations in peripheral blood levels of immunoreactive tumor necrosis factor a (TNFa) throughout the menstrual cycle and secretion of TNFa from the human corpus luteumBrannstrom, M.; Friden, B.; Jasper, M.; Norman, R.
2015Variations in the reporting of outcomes used in systematic reviews of treatment effectiveness research in bladder pain syndromeTirlapur, S.; Riordain, R.; Khan, K.; Mignini, L.; Von Dadelszen, P.; Magee, L.; Sawchuck, D.; Gao, E.; Mol, B.; Rengerink, K.; Zamora, J.; Fox, C.; Daniels, J.; Khan, K.; Thangaratinam, S.; Meads, C.; Tirlapur, S.
2013Vascular endothelial growth factor family gene polymorphisms in preeclampsia in Sinhalese women in Sri-LankaAndraweera, P.; Dekker, G.; Dissanayake, V.; Bianco-Miotto, T.; Jayasekara, R.; Roberts, C.
2012The vascular endothelial growth factor family in adverse pregnancy outcomesAndraweera, P.; Dekker, G.; Roberts, C.
2011Vascular function in the diagnostic categories of polycystic ovary syndromeMoran, L.; Cameron, J.; Strauss, B.; Teede, H.
2011Versatile co-expression of graft-protective proteins using 2A-linked cassettesFisicaro, N.; Londrigan, S.; Brady, J.; Salvaris, E.; Nottle, M.; O'Connell, P.; Robson, S.; d'Apice, A.; Lew, A.; Cowan, P.
2001Versican accumulation in human prostatic fibroblast cultures is enhanced by prostate cancer cell-derived transforming growth factor beta1Sakko, A.; Ricciardelli, C.; Mayne, K.; Tilley, W.; LeBaron, R.; Horsfall, D.
2011Versican induces a pro-metastatic ovarian cancer cell behavior which can be inhibited by small hyaluronan oligosaccharidesWeen, M.; Hummitzsch, K.; Rodgers, R.; Oehler, M.; Ricciardelli, C.
2016Videomicroscopy as a tool for investigation of the microcirculation in the newbornWright, I.; Latter, J.; Dyson, R.; Levi, C.; Clifton, V.
2010Vitamin A supplementation for postpartum womenOliveira-Menegozzo, J.; Bergamaschi, D.; Middleton, P.; East, C.
2013Vitamin B12 and homocysteine status during pregnancy in the metformin in gestational diabetes trial: responses to maternal metformin compared with insulin treatmentGatford, K.; Houda, C.; Lu, Z.; Coat, S.; Baghurst, P.; Owens, J.; Sikaris, K.; Rowan, J.; Hague, W.
2005Vitamin C supplementation in pregnancyRumbold, A.; Crowther, C.
2016Vitamin D in polycystic ovary syndrome: Relationship to obesity and insulin resistanceJoham, A.; Teede, H.; Cassar, S.; Stepto, N.; Strauss, B.; Harrison, C.; Boyle, J.; de Courten, B.
2005Vitamin E supplementation in pregnancyRumbold, A.; Crowther, C.
2001Vitamin K prior to preterm birth for preventing neonatal periventricular haemorrhageCrowther, C.; Henderson-Smart, D.
2016Vitamin supplementation for preventing miscarriageBalogun, O.; da Silva Lopes, K.; Ota, E.; Takemoto, Y.; Rumbold, A.; Takegata, M.; Mori, R.
2005Vitamin supplementation for preventing miscarriageRumbold, A.; Middleton, P.; Crowther, C.
2011Vitamin supplementation for preventing miscarriageRumbold, A.; Middleton, P.; Pan, N.; Crowther, C.