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2011Pre- and postnatal methyl deficiency in the rat differentially alters glucose homeostasisSmith, G.; Konycheva, G.; Dziadek, M.; Ravelich, S.; Patel, S.; Reddy, S.; Breier, B.; Vickers, M.; Owens, J.; Ferguson, L.
2013Maternal adverse effects of different antenatal magnesium sulphate regimens for improving maternal and infant outcomes: a systematic reviewBain, E.; Middleton, P.; Crowther, C.
2011Innate immune recognition of poxviral vaccine vectorsLousberg, E.; Diener, K.; Brown, M.; Hayball, J.
2013Chemotherapy-induced hyaluronan production: a novel chemoresistance mechanism in ovarian cancerRicciardelli, C.; Ween, M.; Lokman, N.; Tan, I.; Pyragius, C.; Oehler, M.
2013Magnesium sulphate at 30 to 34 weeks' gestational age: neuroprotection trial (MAGENTA) -study protocolCrowther, C.; Middleton, P.; Wilkinson, D.; Ashwood, P.; Haslam, R.
2011Combined Boyden-flow cytometry assay improves quantification and provides phenotypification of leukocyte chemotaxisGomez-Lopez, Nardhy Yadira; Vadillo-Ortega, Felipe; Estrada-Gutierrez, Guadalupe
2013Aberrant lipid metabolism: an emerging diagnostic and therapeutic target in ovarian cancerPyragius, C.; Fuller, M.; Ricciardelli, C.; Oehler, M.
2013Loss of Usp9x disrupts cortical architecture, hippocampal development and TGFβ-mediated axonogenesisStegeman, S.; Jolly, L.; Premarathne, S.; Gecz, J.; Richards, L.; Mackay-Sim, A.; Wood, S.
2013Thromboelastographic evaluation of coagulative profiles in pig-to-monkey kidney xenotransplantationSpiezia, L.; Boldrin, M.; Radu, C.; Bulato, C.; Bertini, D.; Bon, M.; Campello, E.; Vadori, M.; Galli, C.; Gavasso, S.; Nottle, M.; Cowan, P.; Cozzi, E.; Simioni, P.
2013Script concordance testing: from theory to practice: AMEE Guide No. 75Lubarsky, S.; Dory, V.; Duggan, P.; Gagnon, R.; Charlin, B.