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2016IFPA meeting 2015 workshop report III: nanomedicine applications and exosome biology, xenobiotics and endocrine disruptors and pregnancy, and lipid mediators and placental functionAlbrecht, C.; Caniggia, I.; Clifton, V.; Göhner, C.; Harris, L.; Hemmings, D.; Jawerbaum, A.; Johnstone, E.; Jones, H.; Keelan, J.; Lewis, R.; Mitchell, M.; Murthi, P.; Powell, T.; Saffery, R.; Smith, R.; Vaillancourt, C.; Wadsack, C.; Salomon, C.
2018Systematic review of maternal Placental Growth Factor levels in late pregnancy as a predictor of adverse intrapartum and perinatal outcomesSherrell, H.; Dunn, L.; Clifton, V.; Kumar, S.
2010Asthma during pregnancy alters immune cell profile and airway epithelial chemokine releaseOsei-Kumah, A.; Wark, P.; Smith, R.; Clifton, V.
2011Psychosocial outcomes are related to asthma control and quality of life in pregnant women with asthmaPowell, H.; McCaffery, K.; Murphy, V.; Hensley, M.; Clifton, V.; Giles, W.; Gibson, P.
2012Developmental perturbation induced by maternal asthma during pregnancy: The short- and long-term impacts on offspringClifton, V.; Davies, M.; Moore, V.; Wright, I.; Ali, Z.; Hodyl, N.
2008Male sex and pre-existing diabetes are independent risk factors for stillbirthEngel, P.; Smith, R.; Brinsmead, M.; Bowe, S.; Clifton, V.
2007Maternal asthma, whether grouped by glucocorticoid status or severity is associated with impoverished fetoplacental vascular growthClifton, V.; Jenkins, H.; Parrott, E.; Stanley, S.; Todd, B.; Mayhew, T.; International Federation of Placenta Associations Meeting (13th : 17th-21st August, 2007 : Kingston, Ontario, Canada)
2005The regulation of human parturitionSmith, R.; Mesiano, S.; Zakar, T.; Bisits, A.; Nicholson, R.; Clifton, V.; Chan, E.; Giles, W.
2013Low formalin concentrations induce fine-tuned responses that are sex and age-dependent: A developmental studyZoukir, I.; Tadros, M.; Clifton, V.; Beagley, K.; Hodgson, D.
2003Down-Regulation of 15-hydroxyprostaglandin Dehydrogenase (PGDH) in the Human Chorion Before Term LabourJohnson, R.; Clifton, V.; Mitchell, C.; Evans, C.; Society for Gynecologic Investigation 50th Annual Scientific Meeting Conference (March 2003 : Washington DC)