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2008Microvascular blood flow, clinical illness severity and cardiovascular function in the preterm infantStark, M.; Clifton, V.; Wright, I.
2007Maternal asthma, whether grouped by glucocorticoid status or severity is associated with impoverished fetoplacental vascular growthClifton, V.; Jenkins, H.; Parrott, E.; Stanley, S.; Todd, B.; Mayhew, T.; International Federation of Placenta Associations Meeting (13th : 17th-21st August, 2007 : Kingston, Ontario, Canada)
2013Placental P-glycoprotein is unaffected by timing of antenatal glucocorticoid therapy but reduced in SGA preterm infantsHodyl, N.; Stark, M.; Butler, M.; Clifton, V.
2012Mechanisms of maternal immune tolerance during pregnancySchjenken, J.; Tolosa, J.; Paul, J.; Clifton, V.; Smith, R.
2010Acetonitrile, the polarity chameleonZarzycki, P.; Zarzycka, M.; Slaczka, M.; Clifton, V.
2013The impact of iodine supplementation and bread fortification on urinary iodine concentrations in a mildly iodine deficient population of pregnant women in South AustraliaClifton, V.; Hodyl, N.; Fogarty, P.; Torpy, D.; Roberts, R.; Nettelbeck, T.; Ma, G.; Hetzel, B.
2007Effect of maternal asthma during pregnancy on childhood growth and development of atopic diseaseTalbot, P.; Wright, I.; Hilton, J.; Mattes, J.; Clifton, V.; The Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand Annual Scientific Meeting (- March Auckland Convention Centre, NZ) (25 Mar 2007 : Auckland NZ)
2002Pituitary Autoantibodies in Lymphocytic Hypophysitis Target Both ?- and a-Enolase - A Link with Pregnancy?O'Dwyer, D.; Clifton, V.; Hall, A.; Smith, R.; Robinson, P.; Crock, P.
2011Low-parachor solvents extraction and thermostated micro-thin-layer chromatography separation for fast screening and classification of spirulina from pharmaceutical formulations and food samplesZarzycki, P.; Zarzycka, M.; Clifton, V.; Adamski, J.; Glod, B.
2013Differential effects of docosahexaenoic acid on preterm and term placental pro-oxidant/antioxidant balanceStark, M.; Clifton, V.; Hodyl, N.