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1996Reproductive seasonality of the bush rat (Rattus fuscipes greyi) in South AustraliaWhite, R.; Kennaway, D.; Seamark, R.
2004Reproductive performance in female ClockΔ19 mutant miceKennaway, D.; Boden, M.; Voultsios, A.
2002Extraocular light exposure does not phase shift saliva melatonin rhythms in sleeping subjectsLushington, K.; Galka, R.; Sassi, L.; Kennaway, D.; Drew, D.
2004Resetting the suprachiasmatic nucleus clockKennaway, D.
2001The pattern of melatonin secretion is rhythmic in the domestic pig and responds rapidly to changes in daylengthTast, A.; Love, R.; Evans, G.; Telsfer, S.; Giles, R.; Nicholls, P.; Voultsios, A.; Kennaway, D.
1995Effect of constant temperatures, darkness and light on the secretion of melatonin by pineal explants and retinas in the gecko, Christinus marmoratusMoyer, R.; Firth, B.; Kennaway, D.
1997Quizapine and light have similar effects on c-fos induction in the rat suprachiasmatic nucleusMoyer, R.; Kennaway, D.; Ferguson, S.; Dijstelbloem, Y.
2013Characterisation of the maternal response to chronic phase shifts during gestation in the rat: implications for fetal metabolic programmingVarcoe, T.; Boden, M.; Voultsios, A.; Salkeld, M.; Rattanatray, L.; Kennaway, D.
2010Clock genes at the heart of depressionKennaway, D.
2010Interindividual differences in neurobehavioral performance in response to increasing homeostatic sleep pressureZhou, X.; Ferguson, S.; Matthews, R.; Sargent, C.; Darwent, D.; Kennaway, D.; Roach, G.