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2012Dairy food intake of Australian children and adolescents 2-16 years of age: 2007 Australian National Children's Nutrition and Physical Activity SurveyBaird, D.; Syrette, J.; Hendrie, G.; Riley, M.; Bowen, J.; Noakes, M.
2008An extruded breakfast cereal made from a high amylose barley cultivar has a low glycemic index and lower plasma insulin response than one made from a standard barleyKing, R.; Noakes, M.; Bird, A.; Morell, M.; Topping, D.
2008Reductions in blood pressure following energy restriction for weight loss do not rebound after re-establishment of energy balance in overweight and obese subjectsBrinkworth, G.; Wycherley, T.; Noakes, M.; Clifton, P.
2006High protein high fibre snack bars reduce food intake and improve short term glucose and insulin profiles compared with high fat snack barsWilliams, G.; Noakes, M.; Keogh, J.; Foster, P.; Clifton, P.
2008The role of protein in weight managementNoakes, M.
2011A pilot comprehensive lifestyle intervention program (CLIP) - Comparison with qualitative lifestyle advice and simvastatin on cardiovascular risk factors in overweight hypercholesterolaemic individualsCleanthous, X.; Noakes, M.; Brinkworth, G.; Keogh, J.; Williams, G.; Clifton, P.
2011Fecal butyrate levels vary widely among individuals but are usually increased by a diet high in resistant starchMcOrist, A.; Miller, R.; Bird, A.; Keogh, J.; Noakes, M.; Topping, D.; Conlon, M.
2010Moderate energy restriction-induced weight loss affects circulating IGF levels independent of dietary compositionBelobrajdic, D.; Frystyk, J.; Jeyaratnaganthan, N.; Espelund, U.; Flyvbjerg, A.; Clifton, P.; Noakes, M.
2009Effects of a low carbohydrate weight loss diet on exercise capacity and tolerance in obese subjectsBrinkworth, G.; Noakes, M.; Clifton, P.; Buckley, J.
2005Aleurone flour increases red-cell folate and lowers plasma homocyst(e)ine substantially in manFenech, M.; Noakes, M.; Clifton, P.; Topping, D.