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2010Reproductive responses to daily injections with porcine somatotropin before mating in giltsGatford, K.; Grupen, C.; Campbell, R.; Luxford, B.; Smits, R.; Owens, P.; Nottle, M.
2013Isolation and culture of porcine embryonic stem cellsVassiliev, I.; Nottle, M.
2013Thromboelastographic evaluation of coagulative profiles in pig-to-monkey kidney xenotransplantationSpiezia, L.; Boldrin, M.; Radu, C.; Bulato, C.; Bertini, D.; Bon, M.; Campello, E.; Vadori, M.; Galli, C.; Gavasso, S.; Nottle, M.; Cowan, P.; Cozzi, E.; Simioni, P.
1996The alpha-1,3-galactosyltransferase knockout mouseTearle, R.; Tange, M.; Zannettino, Z.; Katerelos, M.; Shinkel, T.; van Denderen, B.; Lonie, A.; Lyons, I.; Nottle, M.; Cox, T.; Becker, C.; Peura, A.; Wigley, P.; Crawford, R.; Robins, A.; Pearse, M.; d'Apice, A.
2003Targeting gene expression to endothelium in transgenic animals: a comparison of the human ICAM-2, PECAM-1 and endoglin promotersCowan, P.; Shinkel, T.; Fisicaro, N.; Godwin, J.; Bernabeu, C.; Almendro, N.; Rius, C.; Lonie, A.; Nottle, M.; Wigley, P.; Paizis, K.; Pearse, M.; d'Apice, A.
1995Recent advances in cryopreservation of porcine embryosNagashima, H.; Kashiwazaki, N.; Ashman, R.; Nottle, M.
1996Developmental competence of in vivo and in vitro matured porcine oocytes after subzonal sperm injectionNagashima, H.; Grupen, C.; Ashman, R.; Nottle, M.
2013Embryo survival, but not first-parity litter size, is increased when gilts are fed diets supplemented with omega-3 fatty acids from fish oilSmits, R.; Luxford, B.; Mitchell, M.; Nottle, M.
2002Transgenic perspectives in xenotransplantation, 2001Nottle, M.; d'Apice, A.; Cowan, P.; Boquest, A.; Harrison, S.; Grupen, C.
2002Efficient generation of [alpha](1,3) galactosyltransferase knockout porcine fetal fibroblasts for nuclear transferHarrison, S.; Guidolin, A.; Faast, R.; Crocker, L.; Giannakis, C.; d'Apice, A.; Nottle, M.; Lyons, I.