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2011Pre- and postnatal methyl deficiency in the rat differentially alters glucose homeostasisSmith, G.; Konycheva, G.; Dziadek, M.; Ravelich, S.; Patel, S.; Reddy, S.; Breier, B.; Vickers, M.; Owens, J.; Ferguson, L.
1997Back to the wombRobinson, J.; Owens, J.; McMillen, I.
2007The kidney is resistant to chronic hypoglycaemia in late-gestation fetal sheepBoyce, A.; Gibson, K.; Wintour, E.; Koukoulas, I.; Gatford, K.; Owens, J.; Lumbers, E.
2003Variable maternal nutrition and growth hormone treatment in the second quarter of pregnancy in pigs alter semitendinosus muscle in adolescent progenyGatford, K.; Ekert, J.; Blackmore, K.; De Blasio, M.; Boyce, J.; Owens, J.; Campbell, R.; Owens, P.
2007Mild gestational diabetes in pregnancy and the adipoinsular axis in babies born to mothers in the ACHOIS randomised controlled trialPirc, L.; Owens, J.; Crowther, C.; Willson, K.; De Blasio, M.; Robinson, J.
2011The neglected role of insulin-like growth factors in the maternal circulation regulating fetal growthSferruzzi-Perri, A.; Owens, J.; Pringle, K.; Roberts, C.
1995Characterisation of insulin-like growth factor binding proteins (IGFBPs) in the tammar wallaby (Macropus eugenii)Carr, J.; Owens, J.; Baudinette, R.; Wallace, J.
2006Early Life Origins of Health and Disease. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology Vol 573Wintour, E.; Owens, J.
2003Effect of maternal feed restriction during pregnancy on glucose tolerance in the adult guinea pigKind, K.; Clifton, P.; Grant, P.; Owens, P.; Sohlstrom, A.; Roberts, C.; Robinson, J.; Owens, J.
1999The effect of maternal nutrition on growth and development before and after birthRobinson, J.; McMillen, I.; Edwards, L.; Erwich, J.; Roberts, C.; Kind, K.; Owens, J.