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2002Epigenetic risks related to assisted reproductive technologies - Short- and long-term consequences for the health of children conceived through assisted reproduction technology: more reason for caution?Thompson, J.; Kind, K.; Roberts, C.; Robertson, S.; Robinson, J.
2004Diversity in phenotype and steroid hormone dependence in dendritic cells and macrophages in the mouse uterusHudson Keenihan, S.; Robertson, S.
2003Immune modulators of implantation and placental development - a workshop reportRobertson, S.; Redman, C.; McCracken, S.; Hunt, J.; Dimitriadis, E.; Moffett-King, A.; Chamley, L.
2017Seminal plasma pro-inflammatory cytokines interferon-3 (IFNG) and C-X-C motif chemokine ligand 8 (CXCL8) fluctuate over time within menSharkey, D.; Tremellen, K.; Briggs, N.; Dekker, G.; Robertson, S.
2000Control of the immunological environment of the uterusRobertson, S.
2016Seminal fluid and fertility in womenRobertson, S.; Sharkey, D.
2017Male seminal relaxin contributes to induction of the post-mating cytokine response in the female mouse uterusGlynn, D.; Heng, K.; Russell, D.; Sharkey, D.; Robertson, S.; Anand-Ivell, R.; Ivell, R.
2015Seminal plasma promotes lesion development in a xenograft model of endometriosisMcGuane, J.; Watson, K.; Zhang, J.; Johan, M.; Wang, Z.; Kuo, G.; Sharkey, D.; Robertson, S.; Hull, M.
2010Dual roles for macrophages in ovarian cycle-associated development and remodelling of the mammary gland epitheliumChua, C.; Hodson, L.; Moldenhauer, L.; Robertson, S.; Ingman, W.
2004Beta-2 glycoprotein I and its role in antiphospholipid syndrome - lessons from knockout miceMiyakis, S.; Robertson, S.; Krillis, S.