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2003Efficacy and tolerability of low-dose iron supplements during pregnancy: a randomized controlled trialMakrides, M.; Crowther, C.; Gibson, R.; Gibson, R.; Skeaff, C.
2003Docosahexaenoic acid and post-partum depression - is there a link?Makrides, M.; Crowther, C.; Gibson, R.; Gibson, R.; Skeaff, C.
2004Vaginal birth after caesarean versus elective repeat caesarean for women with a single prior caesarean birth: a systematic review of the literatureDodd, J.; Crowther, C.
2003Survey of current prenatal screening for Down syndrome in Australian hospitals providing maternity careBastiaans, K.; Crowther, C.
2002Who remains undelivered more than seven days after a single course of prenatal corticosteroids and gives birth at less than 34 weeks?McLaughlin, K.; Crowther, C.; Vigneswaran, P.; Hancock, E.; Willson, K.
2001Repeat doses of prenatal corticosteroids do not increase the risk of acute chorioamnionitisKhong, T.; Vigneswaran, R.; Crowther, C.
2002Women's experiences of being screened for gestational diabetes mellitusRumbold, A.; Crowther, C.
2001Guideline use for gestational diabetes mellitus and current screening, diagnostic and management practices in Australian hospitalsRumbold, A.; Crowther, C.
2000Universal antenatal group B streptococcus screening? The opinions of obstetricians and neonatologists within AustraliaMcLaughlin, K.; Crowther, C.
2000The impact of nausea and vomiting on women: a burden of early pregnancySmith, C.; Crowther, C.; Beilby, J.; Dandeaux, J.