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2007Screening for gestational diabetes: The effect of varying blood glucose definitions in the prediction of adverse maternal and infant health outcomesDodd, J.; Crowther, C.; Antoniou, G.; Baghurst, P.; Robinson, J.
2013Magnesium maintenance therapy for preventing preterm birth after threatened preterm labourHan, S.; Crowther, C.; Moore, V.
2013Maternal adverse effects of different antenatal magnesium sulphate regimens for improving maternal and infant outcomes: a systematic reviewBain, E.; Middleton, P.; Crowther, C.
2012Repeat antenatal glucocorticoids for women at risk of preterm birth: a Cochrane Systematic ReviewMcKinlay, C.; Crowther, C.; Middleton, P.; Harding, J.
2012Interventions for pregnant women with hyperglycaemia not meeting gestational diabetes and type 2 diabetes diagnostic criteriaHan, S.; Crowther, C.; Middleton, P.
2011Vitamin supplementation for preventing miscarriageRumbold, A.; Middleton, P.; Pan, N.; Crowther, C.
2016Immediate delivery compared with expectant management after preterm pre-labour rupture of the membranes close to term (PPROMT trial): a randomised controlled trialMorris, J.; Roberts, C.; Bowen, J.; Patterson, J.; Bond, D.; Algert, C.; Thornton, J.; Crowther, C.
2006Neonatal respiratory distress after antenatal corticosteroids - ReplyCrowther, C.; Haslam, R.; Hiller, J.; Doyle, L.; Robinson, J.
2009Antenatal magnesium sulfate and neurologic outcome in preterm infantsDoyle, L.; Crowther, C.; Middleton, P.; Marret, S.
2013Interventions for supporting pregnant women's decision-making about mode of birth after a caesareanHorey, D.; Kealy, M.; Davey, M.; Small, R.; Crowther, C.