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2013Value of urodynamics before stress urinary incontinence surgery: a randomized controlled trialvan Leijsen, S.; Kluivers, K.; Mol, B.; in 't Hout, J.; Milani, A.; Roovers, J.; den Boon, J.; van der Vaart, C.; Langen, P.; Hartog, F.; Dietz, V.; Tiersma, E.; Hovius, M.; Bongers, M.; Spaans, W.; Heesakkers, J.; Vierhout, M.
2012The value of preoperative urodynamics according to gynecologists and urologists with special interest in stress urinary incontinencevan Leijsen, S.; Kluivers, K.; Mol, B.; Vierhout, M.; Heesakkers, J.
2010Surgical treatment for tubal disease in women due to undergo in vitro fertilisationJohnson, N.; van Voorst, S.; Sowter, M.; Strandell, A.; Mol, B.
2008Hysteroscopy and removal of endometrial polyps: a Dutch surveyTimmermans, A.; van Dongen, H.; Mol, B.; Veersema, S.; Jansen, F.
2013Does recruitment for multicenter clinical trials improve dissemination and timely implementation of their results? A survey study from the NetherlandsLitjens, R.; Oude Rengerink, K.; Danhof, N.; Kruitwagen, R.; Mol, B.
2012Onvoldoende bewijs voor ijzersuppletie bij anemische zwangerenWiegerinck, M.; Mol, B.
2015Variations in the reporting of outcomes used in systematic reviews of treatment effectiveness research in bladder pain syndromeTirlapur, S.; Riordain, R.; Khan, K.; Mignini, L.; Von Dadelszen, P.; Magee, L.; Sawchuck, D.; Gao, E.; Mol, B.; Rengerink, K.; Zamora, J.; Fox, C.; Daniels, J.; Khan, K.; Thangaratinam, S.; Meads, C.; Tirlapur, S.
2011Why were the results of randomized trials on the clinical utility of fetal fibronectin negative? A systematic review of their study designsVis, J.; Wilms, F.; Oudijk, M.; Bossuyt, P.; van der Post, J.; Grobman, W.; Mol, B.
2009Women's preference for laparoscopic or abdominal hysterectomyKluivers, K.; Opmeer, B.; Geomini, P.; Bongers, M.; Vierhout, M.; Bremer, G.; Mol, B.
2012Perinatal risk-indicators for long-term respiratory morbidity among preterm or very low birth weight neonatesTeune, M.; van Wassenaer, A.; van Buuren, S.; Mol, B.; Opmeer, B.; Dutch POPS Collaborative Study Group