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2014Preterm labor: current pharmacotherapy options for tocolysisvan Vliet, E.; Boormans, E.; de Lange, T.; Mol, B.; Oudijk, M.
2012Cost-effective analysis of oocyte cryopreservation: stunning similarities but differences remainHirshfeld-Cytron, J.; Van Loendersloot, L.; Mol, B.; Goddijn, M.; Grobman, W.; Moolenaar, L.; Milad, M.
2015Relevance of individual participant data meta-analysis for studies in obstetrics: delivery versus expectant monitoring for hypertensive disorders of pregnancyBroekhuijsen, K.; Bernardes, T.; van Baaren, G.; Tajik, P.; Novikova, N.; Thangaratinam, S.; Boers, K.; Koopmans, C.; Wallace, K.; Shennan, A.; Langenveld, J.; Groen, H.; van den Berg, P.; Mol, B.; Franssen, M.
2014Correcting for the dependent competing risk of treatment using inverse probability of censoring weighting and copulas in the estimation of natural conception chancesvan Geloven, N.; Geskus, R.; Mol, B.; Zwinderman, A.
2014Implication of the liberal use of ART in Nordic countries: should stricter guidelines be created to prevent unnecessary stillbirth and preterm delivery?Hughes, L.; Mol, B.
2013Value of urodynamics before stress urinary incontinence surgery: a randomized controlled trialvan Leijsen, S.; Kluivers, K.; Mol, B.; in 't Hout, J.; Milani, A.; Roovers, J.; den Boon, J.; van der Vaart, C.; Langen, P.; Hartog, F.; Dietz, V.; Tiersma, E.; Hovius, M.; Bongers, M.; Spaans, W.; Heesakkers, J.; Vierhout, M.
2012The value of preoperative urodynamics according to gynecologists and urologists with special interest in stress urinary incontinencevan Leijsen, S.; Kluivers, K.; Mol, B.; Vierhout, M.; Heesakkers, J.
2010Surgical treatment for tubal disease in women due to undergo in vitro fertilisationJohnson, N.; van Voorst, S.; Sowter, M.; Strandell, A.; Mol, B.
2008Hysteroscopy and removal of endometrial polyps: a Dutch surveyTimmermans, A.; van Dongen, H.; Mol, B.; Veersema, S.; Jansen, F.
2013Does recruitment for multicenter clinical trials improve dissemination and timely implementation of their results? A survey study from the NetherlandsLitjens, R.; Oude Rengerink, K.; Danhof, N.; Kruitwagen, R.; Mol, B.