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2018Long-term trends in singleton preterm birth in South Australia from 1986 to 2014Verburg, P.; Dekker, G.; Venugopal, K.; Scheil, W.; Erwich, J.; Mol, B.; Roberts, C.
2011The placental response to excess maternal glucocorticoid exposure differs between the male and female conceptus in spiny miceO'Connell, B.; Moritz, K.; Roberts, C.; Walker, D.; Dickinson, H.
2013Maternal undernutrition during the first week after conception results in decreased expression of glucocorticoid receptor mRNA in the absence of GR exon 1₇ hypermethylation in the fetal pituitary in late gestationZhang, S.; Wyss, O.; MacLaughlin, S.; Walker, S.; Kleemann, D.; Suter, C.; Morrison, J.; Molloy, L.; Cropley, J.; Roberts, C.; McMillen, I.
2013Impact of embryo number and periconceptional undernutrition on factors regulating adipogenesis, lipogenesis, and metabolism in adipose tissue in the sheep fetusLie, S.; Morrison, J.; Wyss, O.; Ozanne, S.; Zhang, S.; Walker, S.; Kleemann, D.; MacLaughlin, S.; Roberts, C.; McMillen, I.
2014Embryo number and periconceptional undernutrition in the sheep have differential effects on adrenal epigenotype, growth, and developmentWilliams-Wyss, O.; Zhang, S.; MacLaughlin, S.; Kleemann, D.; Walker, S.; Suter, C.; Cropley, J.; Morrison, J.; Roberts, C.; Caroline McMillen, I.
2010IFPA Award in Placentology Lecture: Complicated interactions between genes and the environment in placentation, pregnancy outcome and long term healthRoberts, C.
2013Maternal undernutrition around the time of conception and embryo number each impact on the abundance of key regulators of cardiac growth and metabolism in the fetal sheep heartLie, S.; Sim, S.; McMillen, I.; Wyss, O.; MacLaughlin, S.; Kleemann, D.; Walker, S.; Roberts, C.; Morrison, J.
2010Robust early pregnancy prediction of later preeclampsia using metabolomic biomarkersKenny, L.; Broadhurst, D.; Dunn, W.; Brown, M.; North, R.; McCowan, L.; Roberts, C.; Cooper, G.; Kell, D.; Baker, P.
2013Maternal and paternal genomes differentially affect myofibre characteristics and muscle weights of bovine fetuses at midgestationXiang, R.; Ghani Poor Samami, M.; Johns, W.; Eindorf, T.; Rutley, D.; Kruk, Z.; Fitzsimmons, C.; Thomsen, D.; Roberts, C.; Burns, B.; Anderson, G.; Greenwood, P.; Hiendleder, S.
2013The association of AGTR2 polymorphisms with preeclampsia and uterine artery bilateral notching is modulated by maternal BMIZhou, A.; Dekker, G.; Lumbers, E.; Leemaqz, S.; Thompson, S.; McCowan, L.; Roberts, C.