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2003Determinants of fetal leptin synthesis, fat mass, and circulating leptin concentrations in well-nourished ewes in late pregnancyMuhlhausler, B.; Roberts, C.; Yuen, B.; Marrocco, E.; Budge, H.; Symonds, M.; McFarlane, J.; Kauter, K.; Stagg, P.; Pearse, J.; McMillen, I.
2003Leptin alters the structural and functional characteristics of adipose tissue before birthYuen, B.; Owens, P.; Muhlhausler, B.; Roberts, C.; Symonds, M.; Keisler, D.; McFarlane, J.; Kauter, K.; Evens, Y.; McMillen, I.
2008Distinct Actions of Insulin-Like Growth Factors (IGFs) on Placental Development and Fetal Growth: Lessons from Mice and Guinea Pigs.Roberts, C.; Owens, J.; Sferruzzi-Perri, A.
2013Maternal and paternal genomes differentially affect myofibre characteristics and muscle weights of bovine fetuses at midgestationXiang, R.; Ghani Poor Samami, M.; Johns, W.; Eindorf, T.; Rutley, D.; Kruk, Z.; Fitzsimmons, C.; Thomsen, D.; Roberts, C.; Burns, B.; Anderson, G.; Greenwood, P.; Hiendleder, S.
2009Responses to maternal GH or ractopamine during early-mid pregnancy are similar in primiparous and multiparous pregnant pigsGatford, K.; De Blasio, M.; Roberts, C.; Nottle, M.; Kind, K.; Van Wettere, W.; Smits, R.; Owens, J.
2005Chronic maternal feed restriction impairs growth but increases adiposity of the fetal guinea pigKind, K.; Roberts, C.; Sohlstrom, A.; Katsman, A.; Clifton, P.; Robinson, J.; Owens, J.
2013Integrated proteomics pipeline yields novel biomarkers for predicting preeclampsiaMyers, J.; Tuytten, R.; Thomas, G.; Laroy, W.; Kas, K.; Vanpoucke, G.; Roberts, C.; Kenny, L.; Simpson, N.; Baker, P.; North, R.
2010DNA methylation-mediated Down-regulation of DNA methyltransferase-1 (DNMT1) is coincident with, but not essential for, global hypomethylation in human placentaNovakovic, B.; Wong, N.; Sibson, M.; Ng, H.; Morley, R.; Manuelpillai, U.; Down, T.; Rakyan, V.; Beck, S.; Hiendleder, S.; Roberts, C.; Craig, J.; Saffery, R.
2013A label-free selected reaction monitoring workflow identifies a subset of pregnancy specific glycoproteins as potential predictive markers of early-onset pre-eclampsiaBlankley, R.; Fisher, C.; Westwood, M.; North, R.; Baker, P.; Walker, M.; Williamson, A.; Whetton, A.; Lin, W.; McCowan, L.; Roberts, C.; Cooper, G.; Unwin, R.; Myers, J.
2012Quantitative allele-specific expression and DNA methylation analysis of H19, IGF2 and IGF2R in the human placenta across gestation reveals H19 imprinting plasticityBuckberry, S.; Bianco-Miotto, T.; Hiendleder, S.; Roberts, C.