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1997Early influences on embryonic and placental growthRobinson, J.; Hartwich, K.; Walker, S.; Erwich, J.; Owens, J.
1996Intravenous infusion of insulin-like growth factor I in fetal sheep reduces hepatic IGF-I and IGF-II mRNAsKind, K.; Owens, J.; Lok, F.; Robinson, J.; Quinn, K.; Mundy, L.; Gilmour, R.; Owens, P.
1995Placental control of fetal growthRobinson, J.; Chidzanja, S.; Kind, K.; Owens, P.; Owens, J.
1998The Dorothy Havemeyer Foundation Third International Workshop on Equine Perinatology: comparative aspects. Summary of workshop.Robinson, J.
1999Women's role and satisfaction in the decision to have a caesarean sectionTurnbull, D.; Wilkinson, C.; Yaser, A.; Carty, V.; Svigos, J.; Robinson, J.
1995Effect of restriction of placental growth on expression of insulin-like growth factors-I and -II in fetal sheep: relationship to growth, circulating insulin-like growth factors and metabolitesKind, K.; Owens, J.; Robinson, J.; Quinn, K.; Grant, P.; Walton, P.; Gilmour, R.; Owens, P.
1995Thyrotropin releasing hormone (TRH) and lung maturation: Does 200mcg TRH provide effective stimulation to the preterm pituitary gland compared with 400mcg?Crowther, C.; Haslam, R.; Hiller, J.; McGee, T.; Ryall, R.; Robinson, J.
1999Reduced foetal growth and growth hormone secretion in adult lifeFlanagan, D.; Moore, V.; Godsland, I.; Cockington, R.; Robinson, J.; Phillips, D.
1999Knee-chest postural management for breech at term: a randomized controlled trialSmith, C.; Crowther, C.; Wilkinson, C.; Pridmore, B.; Robinson, J.
1995Conference report: Fetal origins of adult disease-report of the First International Study Group, Sydney, 29-30 October 1994Barker, D.; Gluckman, P.; Robinson, J.