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2015Metformin and lifestyle modification in polycystic ovary syndrome: systematic review and meta-analysisNaderpoor, N.; Shorakae, S.; De Courten, B.; Misso, M.; Moran, L.; Teede, H.
2016Vitamin D in polycystic ovary syndrome: Relationship to obesity and insulin resistanceJoham, A.; Teede, H.; Cassar, S.; Stepto, N.; Strauss, B.; Harrison, C.; Boyle, J.; de Courten, B.
2017Preventing obesity across the preconception, pregnancy and postpartum cycle: implementing research into practiceHarrison, C.; Skouteris, H.; Boyle, J.; Teede, H.
2017The effects of dietary and lifestyle interventions among pregnant women who are overweight or obese on longer-term maternal and early childhood outcomes: protocol for an individual participant data (IPD) meta-analysisDodd, J.; Grivell, R.; Louise, J.; Deussen, A.; Giles, L.; Mol, B.; Vinter, C.; Tanvig, M.; Jensen, D.; Bogaerts, A.; Devlieger, R.; Luoto, R.; McAuliffe, F.; Renault, K.; Carlsen, E.; Geiker, N.; Poston, L.; Briley, A.; Thangaratinam, S.; Rogozinska, E.; et al.
2017The impact of meal timing on performance, sleepiness, gastric upset, and hunger during simulated night shiftGrant, C.; Dorrian, J.; Coates, A.; Pajcin, M.; Kennaway, D.; Wittert, G.; Heilbronn, L.; Vedova, C.; Gupta, C.; Banks, S.
2017It’s not just what you eat but when: The impact of eating a meal during simulated shift work on driving performanceGupta, C.; Dorrian, J.; Grant, C.; Pajcin, M.; Coates, A.; Kennaway, D.; Wittert, G.; Heilbronn, L.; Della Vedova, C.; Banks, S.
2017Pregnancy outcomes and insulin requirements in women with type 1 diabetes treated with continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion and multiple daily injections: cohort studyAbell, S.; Suen, M.; Pease, A.; Boyle, J.; Soldatos, G.; Regan, J.; Wallace, E.; Teede, H.
2015Metabolic risk in PCOS: Phenotype and adiposity impactMoran, L.; Norman, R.; Teede, H.
2016Dietary interventions in overweight and obese pregnant women: a systematic review of the content, delivery, and outcomes of randomized controlled trialsFlynn, A.; Dalrymple, K.; Barr, S.; Poston, L.; Goff, L.; Rogozińska, E.; Poppel, M.; Rayanagoudar, G.; Yeo, S.; Carballo, R.; Perales, M.; Bogaerts, A.; Cecatti, J.; Dodd, J.; Owens, J.; Devlieger, R.; Teede, H.; Haakstad, L.; Motahari-Tabari, N.; Tonstad, S.; et al.
2011Assessment and management of polycystic ovary syndrome: summary of an evidence-based guidelineTeede, H.; Misso, M.; Deeks, A.; Moran, L.; Stuckey, B.; Wong, J.; Norman, R.; Costello, M.