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2014Regulation of fatty acid oxidation in mouse cumulus-oocyte complexes during maturation and modulation by PPAR agonistsDunning, K.; Anastasi, M.; Zhang, V.; Russell, D.; Robker, R.
2010Bipolar radiofrequency endometrial ablation compared with hydrothermablation for dysfunctional uterine bleeding: A randomized controlled trialPenninx, J.; Mol, B.; Engels, R.; van Rumste, M.; Kleijn, C.; Koks, C.; Kruitwagen, R.; Bongers, M.
2010Multidisciplinary team training in a simulation setting for acute obstetric emergencies: a systematic reviewMerien, A.; van de Ven, J.; Mol, B.; Houterman, S.; Oei, S.
2011Using a simplified Bishop score to predict vaginal deliveryTajik, P.; Bossuyt, P.M.; Mol, B.W.
2011Epidemiologic associations with cerebral palsyO'Callaghan, M.; MacLennan, A.; Gibson, C.; McMichael, G.; Haan, E.; Broadbent, J.; Goldwater, P.; Dekker, G.
2013Combination of Foley bulb and vaginal misoprostol compared with vaginal misoprostol alone for cervical ripening and labor induction: a randomized controlled trialVisser, L.; De Graaf, I.M.; Mol, B.W.J.
2011Risk of first-stage and second-stage cesarean delivery by maternal body mass index among nulliparous women in labor at termFyfe, E.; Anderson, N.; North, R.; Chan, E.; Taylor, R.; Dekker, G.; McCowan, L.
2010Endothelial function and insulin resistance in polycystic ovary syndrome: the effects of medical therapyTeede, H.; Meyer, C.; Hutchison, S.; Zoungas, S.; McGrath, B.; Moran, L.
2011Diabetes risk score in the diagnostic categories of polycystic ovary syndromeMoran, L.; Strauss, B.; Teede, H.
2010Novel inflammatory markers in overweight women with and without polycystic ovary syndrome and following pharmacological interventionMoran, L.; Meyer, C.; Hutchison, S.; Zoungas, S.; Teede, H.