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2011Fetal glucocorticoid-regulated pathways are not affected by inhaled corticosteroid use for asthma during pregnancyHodyl, N.; Stark, M.; Osei-Kumah, A.; Bowman, M.; Gibson, P.; Clifton, V.
2010Novel inflammatory markers in overweight women with and without polycystic ovary syndrome and following pharmacological interventionMoran, L.; Meyer, C.; Hutchison, S.; Zoungas, S.; Teede, H.
2013Reliability of visual diagnosis of endometriosisFernando, S.; Soh, P.; Cooper, M.; Evans, S.; Reid, G.; Tsaltas, J.; Rombauts, L.
2012Increased monocyte activation in pregnancies complicated by asthmaOsei-Kumah, A.; Saif, Z.; Krumbiegel, D.; Nicholson, I.; Grose, R.; Hodyl, N.; Stark, M.; Zola, H.; Clifton, V.; 59th Annual Scientific Meeting (22 Mar 2012 - 24 Mar 2012 :
2012Localisation and characterisation of uncoupling protein-2 (UCP2) in the human preterm placentaStark, M.; Hodyl, N.; Butler, M.; Clifton, V.
2013Dietary composition in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome: a systematic review to inform evidence-based guidelinesMoran, L.; Ko, H.; Misso, M.; Marsh, K.; Noakes, M.; Talbot, M.; Frearson, M.; Thondan, M.; Stepto, N.; Teede, H.
2013Differential effects of docosahexaenoic acid on preterm and term placental pro-oxidant/antioxidant balanceStark, M.; Clifton, V.; Hodyl, N.
2013Differential effects of exposure to maternal obesity or maternal weight loss during the periconceptional period in the sheep on insulin signalling molecules in skeletal muscle of the offspring at 4 months of ageNicholas, L.; Morrison, J.; Rattanatray, L.; Ozanne, S.; Kleemann, D.; Walker, S.; MacLaughlin, S.; Zhang, S.; Martin-Gronert, M.; McMillen, I.
2019The effects of intrauterine insemination and single embryo transfer or modified natural cycle in vitro fertilization on offspring's health–follow-up of a randomized clinical trialMintjens, S.; Menting, M.; Gemke, R.; van Poppel, M.; van Wely, M.; Bensdorp, A.; Tjon Kon Fat, R.; Mol, B.; Painter, R.; van de Beek, C.; Roseboom, T.
2013Maternal and neonatal circulating markers of metabolic and cardiovascular risk in the Metformin in Gestational Diabetes (MiG) trial: Responses to maternal metformin versus insulin treatmentBarrett, H.; Gatford, K.; Houda, C.; De Blasio, M.; McIntyre, H.; Callaway, L.; Nitert, M.; Coat, S.; Owens, J.; Hague, W.; Rowan, J.