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2011Telescoping the origins of obesity to women's bodies: How gender inequalities are being squeezed out of Barker's hypothesisWarin, M.; Moore, V.; Zivkovic, T.; Davies, M.
2013Deciphering the mechanistic pathways of the instant blood mediated inflammatory reaction against porcine neonatal islet cellsLiuwantara, D.; Phillips, P.; Favaloro, E.; Salvaris, E.; Hawkes, J.; Brady, J.; Lew, A.; Nottle, M.; d'Apice, A.; Cowan, P.; O'Connell, P.; Hawthorne, W.; Joint Congress of IXA and Organ Transplantation in ABO-incompatible and Hyperimmunized Recipients (IXA 2013) (10 Nov 2013 - 13 Nov 2013 : Osaka, Japan)
2012Review: The feto-placental unit, pregnancy pathology and impact on long term maternal healthClifton, V.; Stark, M.; Osei-Kumah, A.; Hodyl, N.
2012Haemoglobin transfusion threshold in very preterm newborns: A theoretical framework derived from prevailing oxygen physiologyAndersen, C.; Stark, M.
2012Effect of co-infusion of dextrose-containing solutions on red blood cell haemolysis during packed red cell transfusionStark, M.; Story, C.; Andersen, C.
2012Prediction of cesarean section in women with an unfavorable cervix at termJozwiak, M.; Rengerink, K.O.; Doornbos, H.; Drogtrop, A.; de Groot, C.; Huisjes, A.; Kleiverda, G.; Lunshof, S.; van Meir, C.; van der Salm, P.; Schuitemaker, N.; Willekes, C.; Zuurendonk, L.; de Leeuw, J.W.; van Pampus, M.; Mol, B.; Bloemenkamp, K.W.M.; 32nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (06 Feb 2012 - 11 Feb 2012 : Dallas, TX)
2012Maternal and neonatal outcomes of pregnancy in women with chronic hypertensionBroekhuijsen, K.; Langenveld, J.; van den Berg, P.; Ravelli, A.; Mol, B.W.; Franssen, M.; 32nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (06 Feb 2012 - 11 Feb 2012 : Dallas, TX)
2013Cold case reopened: the missing human inflammatory cytokine response to transfusionKeir, A.; Andersen, C.; Stark, M.
2012Asthma during pregnancyClifton, V.; Smith, B.; Roy, A.; Osei-Kumah, A.; Hodyl, N.; Stark, M.; Parange, N.; Saif, Z.
2012Assessment of the microcirculation in the neonateWright, I.; Stark, M.; Clifton, V.