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1995Aetiology of failed and abnormal fertilisation after intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)Flaherty, Sean P.; Payne, Dianna; Swann, Nicholas J.; Matthews, Colin D.
1995New methods for transcervical cannulation of the fallopian tubeKerin, John Francis Paul
1997Detection of chromosomes and estimation of aneuploidy in human spermatozoa using fluorescence in-situ hybridizationDownie-Doyle, Sarah Elizabeth; Flaherty, Sean P.; Matthews, Colin D.
1996Nuclear structural conditions and PCR amplification in human preimplantation diagnosisCui, Ke-Hui; Matthews, Colin D.
1999Daytime melatonin and temazepam in young adult humans: equivalent effects on sleep latency and body temperaturesGilbert, S. S.; van den Heuvel, Cameron Jay; Dawson, Drew
1995Are perinatal necropsy rates satisfactory? A study from an Australian maternity hospitalKhong, Teck Yee; Wan Mansor, F. A.; Staples, Alan
1996Subinvolution of the placental bed after molar pregnancyKhong, Teck Yee; Chin, M. M.S.
2010Timing of de novo mutagenesis - A twin study of sodium-channel mutationsVadlamudi, L.; Dibbens, L.; Lawrence, K.; Iona, X.; McMahon, J.; Murrell, W.; Mackay-Sim, A.; Scheffer, I.; Berkovic, S.
1999Gene structure, expression and chromosomal localization of murine Theta class glutathione transferase mGSTT1-1Whittington, Angela T.; Vichai, Vanich; Webb, Graham C.; Baker, Rohan T.; Pearson, William R.; Board, Philip G.
1995Optimal PCR amplification for preimplantation diagnosis of cystic fibrosis (DF508)Cui, Ke-Hui; Hann, E. A.; Warnes, Graham Malcolm; Wang, Ling Jia; Matthews, Colin D.