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2012Prediction of cesarean section in women with an unfavorable cervix at termJozwiak, M.; Rengerink, K.O.; Doornbos, H.; Drogtrop, A.; de Groot, C.; Huisjes, A.; Kleiverda, G.; Lunshof, S.; van Meir, C.; van der Salm, P.; Schuitemaker, N.; Willekes, C.; Zuurendonk, L.; de Leeuw, J.W.; van Pampus, M.; Mol, B.; Bloemenkamp, K.W.M.; 32nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (06 Feb 2012 - 11 Feb 2012 : Dallas, TX)
2013Induction of labour or expectant monitoring in hypertensive pregnancy disorders at term: do women's postpartum cardiovascular risk factors differ between the two strategies?Hermes, W.; Koopmans, C.; van Pampus, M.; Franx, A.; Bloemenkamp, K.; van der Post, J.; Porath, M.; Tamsma, J.; Mol, B.; de Groot, C.
2015Pharmacokinetics of nifedipine slow-release during sustained tocolysister Laak, M.; Roos, C.; Touw, D.; van Hattum, P.; Kwee, A.; Lotgering, F.; Mol, B.; van Pampus, M.; Porath, M.; Spaanderman, M.; van der Post, J.; Papatsonis, D.; van 't Veer, N.
2012Effects on (neuro)developmental and behavioral outcome at 2 years of age of induced labor compared with expectant management in intrauterine growth-restricted infants: long-term outcomes of the DIGITAT trialvan Wyk, L.; Boers, K.; van der Post, J.; van Pampus, M.; van Wassenaer, A.; van Baar, A.; Spaanderman, M.; Becker, J.; Kwee, A.; Duvekot, J.; Bremer, H.; Delemarre, F.; Bloemenkamp, K.; de Groot, C.; Willekes, C.; Roumen, F.; van Lith, J.; Mol, B.; le Cessie, S.; Scherjon, S.
2014Economic analysis of use of pessary to prevent preterm birth in women with multiple pregnancy (ProTWIN trial)Liem, S.; van Baaren, G.; Delemarre, F.; Evers, I.; Kleiverda, G.; van Loon, A.; Langenveld, J.; Schuitemaker, N.; Sikkema, J.; Opmeer, B.; van Pampus, M.; Mol, B.; Bekedam, D.
2012Neonatal morbidity after induction vs expectant monitoring in intrauterine growth restriction at term: a subanalysis of the DIGITAT RCTBoers, K.; van Wyk, L.; van der Post, J.; Kwee, A.; van Pampus, M.; Spaanderman, M.; Duvekot, J.; Bremer, H.; Delemarre, F.; Bloemenkamp, K.; de Groot, C.; Willekes, C.; Rijken, M.; Roumen, F.; Thornton, J.; van Lith, J.; Mol, B.; le Cessie, S.; Scherjon, S.
2016Caesarean section rates and adverse neonatal outcomes after induction of labour versus expectant management in women with an unripe cervix: a secondary analysis of the HYPITAT and DIGITAT trialsBernardes, T.; Broekhuijsen, K.; Koopmans, C.; Boers, K.; van Wyk, L.; Tajik, P.; van Pampus, M.; Scherjon, S.; Mol, B.; Franssen, M.; van den Berg, P.; Groen, H.
2018Evaluation of biomarkers for treatment selection using individual participant data from multiple clinical trialsKang, C.; Janes, H.; Tajik, P.; Groen, H.; Mol, B.; Koopmans, C.; Broekhuijsen, K.; Zwertbroek, E.; van Pampus, M.; Franssen, M.
2015Determinants of health-related quality of life in the postpartum period after obstetric complicationsPrick, B.; Bijlenga, D.; Jansen, A.; Boers, K.; Scherjon, S.; Koopmans, C.; van Pampus, M.; Essink-Bot, M.; van Rhenen, D.; Mol, B.; Duvekot, J.
2011Health-related quality of life after induction of labor versus expectant monitoring in gestational hypertension or preeclampsia at termBijlenga, D.; Koopmans, C.; Birnie, E.; Mol, B.; van der Post, J.; Bloemenkamp, K.; Scheepers, L.; Willekes, C.; Kwee, A.; Heres, M.; van Beek, E.; van Meir, C.; van Huizen, M.; van Pampus, M.; Bonsel, G.