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2008The influence of the number of follicles on pregnancy rates in intrauterine insemination with ovarian stimulation: a meta-analysisvan Rumste, M.; Custers, I.; van der Veen, F.; van Wely, M.; Evers, J.; Mol, B.
2008Use of uterine artery Doppler ultrasonography to predict pre-eclampsia and intrauterine growth restriction: a systematic review and bivariable meta-analysisCnossen, J.; Morris, R.; ter Riet, G.; Mol, B.; van der Post, J.; Coomarasamy, A.; Zwinderman, A.; Robson, S.; Bindels, P.; Kleijnen, J.; Khan, K.
2008Obesity affects spontaneous pregnancy chances in subfertile, ovulatory womenvan der Steeg, J.; Steures, P.; Eijkemans, M.; Habbema, J.; Hompes, P.; Burggraaff, J.; Oosterhuis, G.; Bossuyt, P.; van der Veen, F.; Mol, B.
2009Indicators for intervention during the expulsive second-stage arrest of labourLeushuis, E.; Tromp, M.; Ravelli, A.; van Huis, A.; Mol, B.; Visser, G.; van der Post, J.
2008Clinimetric properties of 3 instruments measuring postoperative recovery in a gynecologic surgical populationKluivers, K.; Hendriks, J.; Mol, B.; Bongers, M.; Vierhout, M.; Brolmann, H.; de Vet, H.
2009The role of antimullerian hormone in prediction of outcome after IVF: comparison with the antral follicle countBroer, S.; Mol, B.; Hendriks, D.; Broekmans, F.
2009Value of cervical cytology in diagnosing endometrial carcinoma in women with postmenopausal bleedingvan Doorn, H.; Opmeer, B.; Kooi, G.; Ewing-Graham, P.; Kruitwagen, R.; Mol, B.
2009Surgical approach to hysterectomy for benign gynaecological diseaseNieboer, T.; Johnson, N.; Lethaby, A.; Tavender, E.; Curr, E.; Garry, R.; van Voorst, S.; Mol, B.; Kluivers, K.
2008Five-year follow up of a randomised controlled trial comparing NovaSure and ThermaChoice endometrial ablationKleijn, J.; Engels, R.; Bourdrez, P.; Mol, B.; Bongers, M.
2009Ultrasound factors to predict the outcome of external cephalic version: a meta-analysisKok, M.; Cnossen, J.; Gravendeel, L.; van der Post, J.; Mol, B.