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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Management of labour among women with epidural analgesiaRoberts, C.; Raynes-Greenow, C.; Upton, A.; Douglas, I.; Peat, B.
2003Effect of maternal feed restriction during pregnancy on glucose tolerance in the adult guinea pigKind, K.; Clifton, P.; Grant, P.; Owens, P.; Sohlstrom, A.; Roberts, C.; Robinson, J.; Owens, J.
2003Determinants of fetal leptin synthesis, fat mass, and circulating leptin concentrations in well-nourished ewes in late pregnancyMuhlhausler, B.; Roberts, C.; Yuen, B.; Marrocco, E.; Budge, H.; Symonds, M.; McFarlane, J.; Kauter, K.; Stagg, P.; Pearse, J.; McMillen, I.
2003Leptin alters the structural and functional characteristics of adipose tissue before birthYuen, B.; Owens, P.; Muhlhausler, B.; Roberts, C.; Symonds, M.; Keisler, D.; McFarlane, J.; Kauter, K.; Evens, Y.; McMillen, I.
2003The management of breech pregnancies in Australia and New ZealandPhipps, H.; Roberts, C.; Nassar, N.; Raynes-Greenow, C.; Peat, B.; Hutton, E.
2003Delivery of singleton preterm infants in New South Wales, 1990-1997Roberts, C.; Algert, C.; Raynes-Greenow, C.; Peat, B.; Henderson-Smart, D.
2003Regulation of cytotrophoblast cell differentiation and cell migrationRoberts, C.; Owens, P.; The University of Adelaide
2003Insulin-like growth factors and foetal programming - a workshop reportRoberts, C.; Owens, J.; Carter, A.; Harding, J.; Austgulen, R.; Wlodek, M.
2003Altered placental development in interleukin-10 null mutant miceRoberts, C.; White, C.; Wiemer, N.; Ramsay, A.; Robertson, S.