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2017Effectiveness of progesterone, cerclage and pessary for preventing preterm birth in singleton pregnancies: a systematic review and network meta-analysisJarde, A.; Lutsiv, O.; Park, C.; Beyene, J.; Dodd, J.; Barrett, J.; Shah, P.; Cook, J.; Saito, S.; Biringer, A.; Sabatino, L.; Giglia, L.; Han, Z.; Staub, K.; Mundle, W.; Chamberlain, J.; McDonald, S.
2012Can shoulder dystocia be reliably predicted?Dodd, J.; Catcheside, B.; Scheil, W.
2013Effect of body image on gestational weight gain in overweight and obese womenSui, Z.; Turnbull, D.; Dodd, J.
2011Maternal and perinatal health outcomes by body mass index categoryDodd, J.; Grivell, R.; Nguyen, A.; Chan, A.; Robinson, J.
2012Maternal and neonatal outcomes following induction of labor: a cohort studyGrivell, R.; Reilly, A.; Oakey, H.; Chan, A.; Dodd, J.
2015Effects of an antenatal dietary intervention on maternal anthropometric measures in pregnant women with obesityDodd, J.; Kannieappan, L.; Grivell, R.; Deussen, A.; Moran, L.; Yelland, L.; Owens, J.
2013Physical activity levels during pregnancy and gestational weight gain among women who are overweight or obeseSui, Z.; Moran, L.; Dodd, J.
2012A decrease in diet quality occurs during pregnancy in overweight and obese women which is maintained post-partumMoran, L.; Sui, Z.; Cramp, C.; Dodd, J.
2013Methods of term labour induction for women with a previous caesarean sectionJozwiak, M.; Dodd, J.
2012Antenatal exercise to improve outcomes in overweight or obese women: a systematic reviewSui, Z.; Grivell, R.; Dodd, J.